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Royal Guard
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Natural equipment

The Royal Guard is a heavily-armored variant of the vindicator that wields a shield and a mace found in Minecraft Dungeons. The royal guards are the praetorian guards of the Arch-Illager and they protect him at all costs.


The royal guard is a diamond armored vindicator wearing dark armor with yellow outlines on the helmet and sleeves, and with a sapphire gem. It carries a shield with a yellow cross-like pattern, and a mace.



The royal guard is usually protected by their heavy armor and their shield and mace. The shield should be destroyed first, so the player can damage it. The royal guard is slower than most mobs, but extremely strong, capable of dealing heavy damage to the player. Their health pool is more larger than the gold armored vindicator and they do more melee damage. They still can be stunned by normal attack.

In this sense, they are the illager equivalent of skeleton vanguards, except they use maces instead of glaives.


Power Min Health
1 52.8
4 89.76
10 142.56
16 216.48
22 290.4
27 390.72
33 522.72
39 675.84
45 865.92
51 1114.08
56 1510.08
62 2048.64
68 2766.72
74 3553.44
80 4561.92
86 5855.52
91 7972.8
97 10818.72
103 14657.28

Ancient Hunts.png Vigilant Scoundrel[edit]

The arena where the vigilant scoundrel is summoned and battled at.

The Vigilant Scoundrel is the ancient variant of the royal guard encountered during ancient hunts with the minimum offering of . The ancient resides within a Highblock Halls interior-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

15 enchanted pillagers act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantments:

Upon defeating the vigilant scoundrel, a gilded variant of the Crossbow, Mace, Reinforced Mail or any of their uniques will drop as a reward.


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