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Not to be confused with Redstone Golem or Mooshroom Monstrosity.
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Redstone Monstrosity
Redstone Monstrosity.png


The redstone monstrosity is the boss variant of the redstone golem. It appears in the Fiery Forge as the final boss, summoned by the Arch-Illager after overloading all of the Redstone Cores to destroy the factory.


After The Arch-Illager realizes that heroes like Smacker can destroy the redstone golems quite easily, he decides to create something even stronger that no hero could destroy, which is the redstone monstrosity. After it is created it assists Archie, such as by carrying him over long distances. When the illagers go to raid Squid Coast, the redstone monstrosity is ordered to chase after Smacker. It is unknown if the redstone monstrosity kills him. When the heroes arrive in the Fiery Forge, the Arch-Illager summons the redstone monstrosity. Eventually, the heroes defeat the redstone monstrosity and it is never seen again. The heroes take its head and hang it over the fireplace.


The redstone monstrosity appears to be a hulking, mechanical entity made of stone and redstone patches. It has multiple cracks within its body and red outlines within its torso. It has three glowing yellow eyes with the third one on its forehead and a red jaw. It possesses two large horns on its head. The mooshroom monstrosity and redstone golem are variants of this entity. It is about 5.4 blocks tall (7.2 blocks tall in the trailer update).



The redstone monstrosity has three attacks. While not attacking, it slowly walks toward it’s target. It is the second slowest mob in the game, after the jungle abomination.

Slam attack

The redstone monstrosity smashes both of its fists on the ground, creating a large four-block shockwave that deals knockback and deals very heavy damage to any entities in its radius. This attack is the one used most often when it’s target gets in range.


The redstone monstrosity leans back and spits out 8 small fireballs from its mouth. When a fireball touches the ground, it explodes in a small radius and deals massive damage to the hero. This attack is used mostly when there are no heroes in melee reach, and is more powerful than its melee attack (30%x8=240% range total damage vs 100% melee damage). The explosion damage is not affected by the totem of shielding.

Strong attack

The redstone monstrosity touches the ground with both fists as the redstone on its body glows. 12 fissures form around the boss, each spawning a redstone cube and redstone Golem that attacks heroes. This attack occurs every 20 seconds. Sometimes the monstrosity performs this attack, but no redstone cubes are summoned.

Redstone cube[]

This article is about the mob in Minecraft Dungeons. For the block in Minecraft, see Block of Redstone.
Redstone Cube
Redstone Cube.png


A redstone cube is a hostile mob found in Minecraft Dungeons. They are one of three Redstone-themed mobs, the others being the Redstone Golem and the Redstone Monstrosity.



The Redstone Cube appears to be a Block of Redstone with stone patches and eyes with eyebrows. Its eyes look almost identical to the ones found on the Redstone Golem. It leaves a small trail of Redstone Dust as it moves.


Basic attack

The Redstone Cube relentlessly chases a hero by rolling towards them, dealing damage upon contact.


Power Min Health
1 15
4 25.5
10 40.5
16 61.5
22 82.5
27 111
33 149
39 196
45 256
51 316.5
56 429
62 582
68 786
74 1009.5
80 1296
86 1663.5
91 2265
97 3073.5
103 4164




The redstone monstrosity has 12,000 HP in the code. On Default I, all mobs have 9.6% health and 12% damage of what is set in the code.

Power Min Health
1 480
4 816
10 1296
16 1968
22 2640
27 3552
33 4752
39 6144
45 7872
51 10128
56 13728
62 18624
68 25152
74 32304
80 41472
86 53232
91 72480
97 98352
103 133248

Redstone Monstrosity Health[]

The Redstone Monstrosity has 12,000 HP. On Default I, all mobs have 12% health of what is set in the code.

Power Min Health
1 1152
4 1958.4
10 3110.4
16 4723.2
22 6336
27 8524.8
33 11404.8
39 14745.6
45 18892.8
51 24307.2
56 32947.2
62 44697.6
68 60364.8
74 77529.6
80 99532.8
86 127756.8
91 173952
97 236044.8
103 319795.2


Artifacts such as Flaming Quiver, Iron Hide Amulet, Soul Healer and Totem of Regeneration



Redstone Monstrosity Theme Start
Redstone Monstrosity Theme Done

Redstone monstrosity[]

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Short Growl
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Trailer sounds[]

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Gameplay Reveal Trailer Roar
Opening Cinematic Roar


  • In the official artwork for Dungeons, the Arch-Illager is sitting on its shoulder. However, the Arch-Illager is not part of the boss fight, nor is the monstrosity a part of the Arch-Illager fight.
  • On online, the Boss's HP increases by 33.33% (as well as increases damage by 17.53%) when another hero plays someone's game. This means that the boss's HP increases from 100% to 200% (and damage from 100% to 150%) when there are 4 players in multiplayer. [needs testing]
  • In the Minecraft Livestream, the redstone on the monstrosity's back doesn't seem to be glowing at all while the one in the game is glowing bright orange, red, or almost pure white.
  • Before the release of Minecraft Dungeons, the trailer features some redstone monstrosities that were going to be added in Creeper Woods and Redstone Mines; however, they can be found only in the Fiery Forge after the full release.
  • When defeated, the redstone monstrosity always faces south.
  • The update features a video about the Arch-Illager spawning (or teleporting) a redstone monstrosity out of the arena, which contains redstone cores which is impossible in the gameplay because there is no way to get the redstone monstrosity out of the arena.
  • The texture for the Redstone Cube includes a stray pixel.
  • Redstone Cubes can be seen in the loading screen of Obsidian Pinnacle, but they do not appear in that location.