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Redstone Mines
Redstone Mines.png

The Redstone Mines is the fifth location in Minecraft Dungeons. Players unlock this level after beating Creeper Woods


The Redstone Mines is a large mine fixed with a cave atop a mountain, where Redstone can be seen jutting out of the walls and floor as crystals and a material the illagers are harvesting for their war machine's construction. It is described as a claustrophobic and large network of tunnels and cartways, which explains the large amount rails and minecarts running and laid about. Large quantities of redstone are also seen throughout the mine, getting lifted via pulleys. Within the mine is where Illagers harvest Redstone and control Villagers to do their work too The exit of the mine is an elevator that leads to the cold snowy peaks outside.


THE END OF THE LINE – The Illagers have finally accomplished their goal: to tear the redstone from the very heart of the mountains. With that kind of power, no one in the Overworld will be able to stand in their way. Time is running out to stop the Arch-Illager before it is too late.

There are unsettling rumblings in the mountains of the Overworld. Whispered rumours say the Illagers are building something dreadful, far beneath these ancient mines - something of soot, metal, and flame. Only a hero such as yourself could brave the cavernous underground and uncover the truth.

Opening Cinematic

The Redstone Mines are a claustrophobic network of narrow tunnels and speedy cartways. The Illagers imprisoned the villagers, forced them to dig for redstone in the deepest parts of the mines. The Illagers patrol the mines to make sure everyone is working hard. Lava runs freely through the mines, due to the Illager's excavation in search of precious Redstone. The riches and the Redstone of the mountains are being transported elsewhere by fast-moving Minecarts for a project that the Illagers are planning to build.

After dealing with Cave Spiders and Monster Spawners, the heroes successfully located and freed the villagers. Before leaving the mines, the heroes encounter the Redstone Golem, another product of the Arch-Illager.

So the rumours were true! The Illagers are building a dreadful forge under the mountain.




Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Villager Yes Yes Yes
Blacksmith Yes Yes Yes
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Armored Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Armored Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Mob Spawner Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes
Cave Spider Yes Yes Yes
Slime Yes Yes Yes
Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Armored Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Armored Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter Yes Yes Yes
Vex Summoned[note 1] Summoned[note 1] Summoned[note 1]
Mini Bosses
Evoker Yes Sometimes Sometimes
Redstone Golem No Sometimes Sometimes
Enderman No Sometimes Sometimes
Skeleton Horseman No No Sometimes
Redstone Golem Yes Yes Yes
  1. a b c Summoned by Evoker


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Gear Drops
Daggers Yes Yes Yes
Pickaxe Yes Yes Yes
Rapid Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Thief Armor No Yes Yes
Battle Robe No No Yes
Wolf Armor Yes Yes Yes
Phantom Armor No Yes Yes
Spelunker Armor Yes Yes Yes
Ghostly Armor Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Fireworks Arrow Yes Yes Yes
Harvester Yes Yes Yes
Tasty Bone No Yes Yes
Corrupted Beacon Yes Yes Yes



  • The Redstone Mines is also known as the "Mooncore Caverns" internally.