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Not to be confused with Redstone Monstrosity.
Redstone Golem
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A redstone golem is a common powerful mob found in various missions in Minecraft Dungeons. They were the first mobs created by the Orb of Dominance; Even before Archie took hold of the Orb, and there were six unactivated ones already in the cave where the Orb was located. The music soundtrack of the redstone golem is the exact same as the Redstone Monstrosity's soundtrack.


A redstone golem is a smaller and weaker version of the redstone monstrosity, with more prominent cracks, no horns or visible mouth, and two slime-like eyes. There is also a block of redstone attached to its back and two inside both its upper arms. It is made from cobblestone and redstone blocks, with redstone dust wiring it.



Redstone golems have five behaviors.

Charge up electric transfer

While not attacking, it runs toward it’s target, stomping its feet loudly. The redstone golem's speed almost matches that of the hero if they are not using any speed buffs.

Swipe attack

If a hero or summmon gets in range, it swings one of its arms across to attack, dealing heavy damage and high knockback.

Strong attack

Redstone golems smash both arms into the ground. This is followed by the super attack.

Super attack

The redstone on it’s body glows, resulting in fourteen mines to appear randomly around the golem. If a hero, pet or a summon walks over one of these, it detonates in a small radius, dealing immense damage to the target and anyone near. The redstone golem does not use this attack on pets, but this attack still damages them if they happen to trigger one of the mines. This happens every ten seconds after it chases the hero. The golem cannot move while summoning mines, so heroes can use this as an opportunity to hit it or to escape.


Redstone golems cannot move while using the super attack, so heroes can use this as an opportunity to hit it or to escape.


The redstone golem has 5,000 HP in the code. On Default I, all mobs have 9.6% health and 12% damage of what is set in the code.

Power Min health
1 480
4 816
10 1296
16 1968
22 2640
27 3552
33 4752
39 6144
45 7872
51 10128
56 13728
62 18624
68 25152
74 32304
80 41472
86 53232
91 72480
97 98352
103 133248



Redstone golem theme
Redstone golem theme end

Redstone Golem[]

Electric pulses
Electric sparks
Eye sparkle
Fire projectile
Load attack
Magic attack
Telegraph attack
Proximity mine idle
Swing arms
Swing arms

Unbreakable One[]

The arena where the Unbreakable One is summoned and battled.

The Unbreakable One is the ancient variant of the redstone golem encountered during Ancient Hunts with the minimum offering of the following runes:

It is the only powerful mob that has an ancient mob variant. The ancient resides within a Redstone Mines-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

Eight Enchanted Royal Guards act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantments:

Upon defeating the Unbreakable One, a gilded variant of the following items will drop as a reward:

When playing multiplayer, if both heroes were to press the button at the same time, two Unbreakable Ones will spawn.


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaRedstone Golem.pngAdded redstone golems. Redstone Golems not attacking players if attacked from a far distance Redstone Golem mines producing sound when Master Volume is set to 0% Unbreakable One Rune requirements ->


  • A mob variant can also be rarely be summoned by the Arch-Illager in his battle.
  • Six un-activated redstone golems appear in the intro cinematic in the cave the Orb of Dominance resides. A redstone golem is also seen attacking iron golems in the cinematic.
  • The redstone golem has a glitch were if the player stands right next to it, the golem simply looks at the player without attacking.