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Item rarity[]

There are currently four types of rarity levels for items, namely common, rare, gilded and unique.

Common and Rare[]

Common items include all non-unique tools and items. Rare items include the same items, and generally have similar attributes. Though they have a smaller chance of being collected, they do not have a significant advantage over their common variants, aside from salvaging for more gold or emeralds (although they cost more to buy, gift wrap or upgrade) and having a higher power cap (by 1).


Gilded items are dropped by ancient mobs upon death, brought in the Piglin Merchant or given as a reward for completing a tower run. Gilded items have a golden background in the inventory and will always have one random built in enchantment which can be common or powerful and any tier. Gilded is not actually a rarity of its own as you can get common, rare or unique gilded items, they will have the gilded rarity tag next to the other rarity. When you enchant a gilded item, it will cost 1 extra enchantment point per upgrade.


Unique items are weapons, armour and artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons that possess special attributes and have a lower chance of being acquired than their common and rare counterparts. They can have a tier 1 natural or otherwise unobtainable Enchantments, a bonus stat/perk, ability or change to the existing perks of the non-unique version of the item.

List of unique melee weapons

There are currently 52 unique melee weapons. However, one of them is only available via mods or hacks, that being The Monkey Motivator.

List of unique ranged weapons

There are currently 44 unique ranged weapons.

List of unique armor

There are currently 36 unique armor items. However, one of them is only available via mods or hacks, that being the Curious Armor.

List of unique artifacts

There is currently 1 unique artifact which was obtained at the spooky fall event.

Enchantment rarity[]

There are currently two types of rarity levels for enchantments, namely common and powerful.

List of powerful enchantments[]

There are currently 26 powerful enchantments, 7 for melee weapons, 8 for ranged weapons and 11 for armor. Powerful enchantments cost 1 extra enchantment point for each upgrade (2 for level 1, 3 for level 2 and 4 for level 3). Powerful enchantments can only be obtained once adventure mode is unlocked unless it is a unique perk.

Powerful Melee Enchantments:

• Critical Hit (melee)

• Void Strike

• Swirling

• Shockwave

• Radiance

• Exploding (melee)

• Gravity (melee)

Powerful Armor Enchantments:

• Protection

• Gravity Pulse

• Death Barter

• Chilling

• Final Shout

• Reckless

• Lightning Focus

• Soul Focus

• Fire Focus

• Poison Focus

• Multiroll

Powerful Ranged Enchantments:

• Critical Hit (ranged)

• Void Arrow

• Tempo Theft

• Shock Web

• Chain Reaction

• Exploding (ranged)

• Gravity (ranged)

• Overcharge