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Rarity is an attribute assigned to items and enchantments.

Item rarity[]

There are three rarity levels for items, indicated by colors:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Unique

Common items[]

Common items have the highest chance of being dropped. There is one common item for each class of armour and weapon, and one for each artifact (except for the Corrupted Pumpkin). Common items salvage for the least emeralds, and are the cheapest to purchase from the Village Merchant. Common items are also the cheapest to upgrade, and generally have lower power levels than other items.

Common items cannot be obtained from the Luxury Merchant or the Piglin Merchant.

Rare items[]

Rare items have a smaller chance of being dropped. All common items have a variant that is rare. Rare items generally have similar attributes to common items, and do not have a significant advantage over common items.

Rare items cost more to purchase, gift wrap or upgrade than common items and have a higher power cap of 1. Rare items also salvage for more emeralds.

Rare items can be obtained from all four camp merchants.

Unique items[]

Unique items are Melee, Ranged, weapons and armor that possess special, additional attributes. They have the lowest chance of being dropped. They can have a tier 1 natural or otherwise unobtainable Enchantment, or a bonus stat/perk. There are usually multiple unique variants for each class of gear. The only unique artifacts are the corrupted pumpkin, the totem of resistance, and the blightbearer.

Unique items can be obtained from all merchants except for the Village Merchant, unless the hero has Luck of the Sea.

List of unique items[]

90% of all items are UNIQUE items. And rest are rare and common. Unique items have high chance to emerge or being dropped.

Melee weapons[]

There are 56 unique melee weapons. However, one of them is only available via mods or hacks, that being The Monkey Motivator.

Ranged weapons[]

There are 48 unique ranged weapons:


There are 41 unique armor items. However, one of them is only available via mods or hacks, that being the Ender armor.


There are three unique artifacts, one of which was obtained at the Spooky Fall event. It is no longer obtainable. The other two are unused, and were never obtainable outside of modding/hacks.

Enchantment rarity[]

There are two types of rarity levels for enchantments:

  • Enchantment common icon Common
  • Enchantment powerful icon Powerful

List of powerful enchantments[]

Powerful enchantments cost one extra enchantment point for each upgrade (2 for level 1, 3 for level 2 and 4 for level 3). Powerful enchantments can only be obtained once adventure mode is unlocked unless it is a unique perk.

Powerful melee enchantments[]

There are eight powerful melee weapons enchantments.

Powerful ranged enchantments[]

There are nine powerful ranged weapons enchantments:

Powerful armor enchantments[]

There are eleven powerful armor enchantments: