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Radiance (Shot)
Radiance.pngT RadianceRanged Icon.png

Enchantment common icon.png Common

Applicable to


Stack method


Stack effect

% enchantment health healed increase

Has a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it.

In-game description

Radiance (named Radiance Shot on ranged weapons) is an enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons that grants a chance to create a circular area that heals allies.


Tier Effect Cost (Common) Cost (Powerful)
I X health healed 1 Enchantment Point 2 Enchantment Points
II 1.5X health healed 2 Enchantment Points 3 Enchantment Points
III 2X health healed 3 Enchantment Points 4 Enchantment Points


Radiance creates a circular area that heals allies. The amount of health healed inside the circle increases with each tier. It is one of few enchantments applicable to both melee weapons and ranged weapons.

For melee weapons, Radiance is categorized as Powerful, and the effect appears centered on the user.

For ranged weapons, Radiance Shot is categorized as Common, while the healing area appears on the mob the attack lands on. If the enchantment is put on a melee weapon, it also heals the player and anyone else in the aura. Radiance also heals any summoned wolves, llamas, iron golems, bats, bees, enchanted sheep, and soul wizards. Also mobs tamed by a Love Medallion can be affected.


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaRadiance.png T RadianceRanged Icon.png Added Radiance. radiance melee range to 750 (same as ranged).
Increased radiance ranged trigger chance to 20% -> 50%.