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The term powerful, often referred to as a miniboss, refers to a hostile mob that is stronger than most mobs. Powerful mobs use bossbars, like bosses, although their bossbars are smaller. In every mission, there are certain rooms that always spawn a powerful mob. There are mobs that can be defined as powerful mobs, but don't use a boss bar, like the Rampart Captain.


Mainland powerful mobs
DLC powerful mobs

Ghasts and Illusioners can also be found by non-DLC owners in Ancient Hunts.


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaEvoker (Dungeons).pngAdded Evokers. (Dungeons).png Skeleton Horseman Longbow Equiped.png Redstone Golem.pngAdded Endermen, Skeleton Horsemen, and Redstone Golems. (Dungeons).pngAdded Illusioner. (Dungeons).pngAdded Ghasts. Raid Captain.png Vindicator Raid Captain.png Drowned Necromancer.png Elder Guardian (Dungeons).pngAdded Raid Captains, Drowned Necromancers and Elder Guardians. .pngAdded Endersent.
Powerful mobs can no longer spawn as bosses.