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Pink Slime
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Pink Slimes are slime variants that can be summoned by the Corrupted Cauldron found in Minecraft Dungeons.


Pink Slimes are a medium-sized and pink variant of the Slime which can only be found summoned by the Corrupted Cauldron. It has dark purple eyes and mouth, a purple inner core, and a light purple outer layer.


Pink Slimes can be summoned by the Corrupted Cauldron during the boss fight to try and distract the player while it tries to heal itself in Soggy Swamp.


Once summoned, Pink Slimes attack the player on-sight by shooting purple projectiles that deal moderate damage upon being hit. Unlike the normal slime, it is immobile, where it prefers to stay in one spot during the boss battle and attacking the player from a distance. They don't have a jump behavior unlike normal slimes.


Power Min Health
1 15
4 25.5
10 40.5
16 61.5
22 82.5
27 111
33 149
39 196
45 256
51 316.5
56 429
62 582
68 786
74 1009.5
80 1296
86 1663.5
91 2265
97 3073.5
103 4164


Shoot Out Acid


  • The Pink Slime in game ID is SlimeCauldron.
  • The Pink Slime's purple projectiles is similar to the Jack o' Lantern's pumpkin balls.
  • The Pink Slime can also be called as Conjured Slimes and Cauldron Slimes.


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