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Piglin Merchant
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This merchant barters exclusively in gold but only carries Gilded items.

In-game description

The Piglin Merchant appears in the camp inside a nether-themed cave right next to a Nether Portal, after the player has obtained at least one piece of gold in an Ancient Hunt. The Piglin Merchant is a merchant that sells the players Gilded Gear, and uses gold as its currency instead of Emeralds.


The Piglin Merchant is a passive Piglin variant. They are missing one eye and has a gold tusk and ear. They are seen wearing dark red colored clothing with a gold belt and light red pants. They also seem to wear a cape and sleeves which are a bit torn, and has a guard on each arm like the Armored Piglin. Their body is very large in size but their head is a bit dislocated and is in front of their body instead of on top of it. They also wear a large red backpack with a bone and two chains on their back. The backpack the merchant is carrying also has nether warts growing and dangling off of it, five of which are seen on them. The Piglin Merchant is also able to stay in the Overworld without turning into a Zombified Piglin.


The Piglin Merchant gives items to the player in exchange for gold. They will sell gilded items to players. Players can unlock more trades with the merchant by completing Ancient Hunts, it will take 3 Ancient Hunts wins for the first trade unlock and 15 for the second. The player can restock their trades with gold or by completing Ancient Hunts.


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Save the piglin merchant
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Minecraft Dungeons
February 12, 2021The Piglin Merchant is mentioned and showcased in the Minecraft Dungeons Diaries for the Flames of the Nether DLC. Merchant.png Added The Piglin Merchant.