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This page describes content that is a part of the Jungle Awakens DLC. 

The Panda Plateau is a secret location in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Jungle Awakens. It is obtainable through the Dingy Jungle.


PROTECT THE PANDAS – Within a secluded bamboo forest, perched on the face of a sprawling cliffside, a community of pandas have escaped the corrupting presence of the shard - until now. We need to fight back against the sprawling, strangling vines which have threatened to take over the homes of these lovable, defenseless pandas.


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  1. Explore the bamboo forest
  2. Open the gate
  3. Explore the bamboo forest
  4. Rescue the pandas (5)
Into the dark
  1. Enter the cave
  2. Rescue the pandas (6)
  3. Escape the cave
  1. Where are the pandas?
Panda party
  1. Enjoy the party
  2. Get to the boat


The Panda Plateau scroll has a random chance of spawning, similar to Lost Settlement. Unlike these missions, however, the Panda Plateau scroll isn't considered a secret on the map, and thus will only spawn if there are no secrets in Dingy Jungle. The Plateau can be unlocked during the cross-the-canyon objective. While on your way, head onto the rope bridge rather than the objective marker. Here, the hero will be met with a sinister creeper statue. Interacting with the statue is not a requirement, and thus is optional. After passing the statue, the hero must cross a log and can then venture into an L-shaped area, with either an obsidian chest or the entrance leading to the scroll waiting for them. There's going to be three buttons in front of three Panda Statues and pressing them will lead the hero to the scroll.


The Panda Plateau is a plateau and a bamboo forest located east of the Jungle Awakens Island. It is a rather peaceful part of the Jungle where a small community of Pandas managed to thrive, safe from the shard's corruption, until the arrival of some of the Jungle Abomination’s corrupted hostile mobs. Various caves, stone ruins, and small ponds and lakes can be seen within the forest, as well as statues of pandas, parrots, and villagers on the cliff faces. In some caves, there are even ruined rooms and small huts where slimes can be seen. Near the end of the level is a boat and a lamp post where the hero can use to leave the forest, as well as lots of Pandas who are celebrating the hero's victory.

Mobs and Entities[]


Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Baby Panda Yes Yes Yes
Ocelot Yes Yes Yes
Panda Yes Yes Yes
Piggy Bank Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes
Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Icy Creeper Rarely Rarely Rarely
Jungle Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Leapleaf Yes Yes Yes
Mossy Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Poison-Quill Vine Yes Yes Yes
Quick Growing Vine Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Slime Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes
Vanguard Yes Yes Yes
Whisperer Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1]
Witch Yes[note 2] Yes[note 2] Yes[note 2]
Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Enderman Rarely Rarely Rarely
Raid Captain Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Horseman Rarely Rarely Rarely
  1. a b c Summons entangle vines
  2. a b c Throws witch poison


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Evocation Robe No Yes Yes
Reinforced Mail Yes Yes Yes
Corrupted Seeds Yes Yes Yes
Love Medallion No Yes Yes
Wonderful Wheat Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Glaive Yes Yes Yes
Katana No No Yes
Whip Yes Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Burst Crossbow Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Hunting Bow Yes Yes Yes

Data values[]

  • In the game files, the panda plateau is referred to internally as the BambooBluff.


  • It uses the same soundtrack as the overgrown temple, but slightly faster and higher pitched.
  • It used the Minecraft Dungeons menu screen until the creeping winter update, possibly because it was rushed.
  • There is a statue of the Arch-Illager after the gate is opened.