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This page describes content that is a part of the Jungle Awakens DLC. 
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Pandas are passive mobs that can be found on the secret Panda Plateau level, found only in the Jungle Awakens DLC.


Pandas spawn commonly within the Panda Plateau where they are trapped within bamboo cages where the player must free them, or sitting around the end of the level, occasionally rolling around. They have a very rare chance of spawning as a Brown Panda. They also make an appearance in the spin-off game Minecraft Dungeons Arcade as a summonable pet.


Pandas usually stay and sit within one spot and roll or walk around the level. They can be attackable, and rarely, they can spawn enchanted, but are mostly harmless. Pandas also retain some of their personalities just like in the base game. Unlike their original counterparts, they can clap their paws and wave at the player when close, this behavior is seen at the near-end area of the Panda Plateau.


(In other versions, this any not be 100% accurate)

Power Min Health before Min Health after
1 9 30
4 15.3 51
10 24.3 81
16 36.9 123
22 49.5 165
27 66.6 222
33 89.1 298
39 115.2 384
45 147.6 492
51 189.9 633
56 257.4 858
62 349.2 1164
68 471.6 1572
74 605.7 2019
80 777.6 2592
86 999 3327
91 1359 4530
97 1844.1 6147
103 2498.4 8328

Sound s[edit]

Panda Freed


  • Attackable pandas can spawn enchanted, shown for example, as Enchanted Playful Panda, with their personality displayed.
  • In the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade game, it is one of the many obtainable pets and an exclusive pet there.