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Continue to hold the ranged attack button to double, triple, or quadruple charge a bow, increasing its damage each time.

In-game description

Overcharge is a powerful ranged enchantment added in the Hidden Depths DLC that allows the player to charge their bow multiple times allowing increased damage.


Tier Effect Cost
I Can charge 2 times 2 Enchantment Points
II Can charge 3 times 3 Enchantment Points
III Can charge 4 times 4 Enchantment Points


Any ranged weapon enchanted with Overcharge allows the player to charge their bow multiple times for increased damage with the highest being quadruple damage.

Note that the increased damage does not apply to special arrows such as Fireworks Arrows or Torment Arrows. These arrows can be charged multiple times but with no additional effect. Other special arrows which deal the base damage of the weapon, such as Burning Arrows, will have their arrow damage multiplied when charged multiple times as expected.