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Orb of Dominance
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As he wanders through deep forests and up craggy mountains, he stumbles upon a dark cavern—with a sinister secret waiting inside. Archie discovers an object which whispers to him promises of power: the Orb of Dominance. With it, Archie realizes he can wield incredible magic and reshape a world that turned its back on him. All he needs to do is exactly what it tells him. After all, it’s called the Orb of Dominance for a reason, right? But is it named for the way Archie uses it—or is it using him?

Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager synopsis

The Orb of Dominance is a sentient object in Minecraft Dungeons that made the Arch-Illager believe that it gave him his powers.


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!


The Orb of Dominance is a 5×5×5 cube, despite being called an orb. No pieces of the cube that large were seen in the ruins during the final cinematic atop the Obsidian Pinnacle. Coincidentally, there were multiple 2×2×2 and 1×1×1 pixel shards that were perfect cubes.


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

The Orb can put its victims into a trance-like state. After that, it manipulates them with the promise of power at the price of complete obedience.

Its first confirmed victim is Archie (the future Arch-Illager), who ended up leading the illagers and other monsters to war against the villagers and other enemies.

Atop the Obsidian Pinnacle, after the Arch-Illager's health is reduced to 0, the orb transforms into the Heart of Ender. After its defeat, it shatters, freeing Archie from its influence, who celebrates its destruction with the heroes.

However, the Orb was able to retain its power and survive, albeit in small shards. One of these shardsmade its way to a jungle, where it formed the Jungle Abomination by corrupting various objects and plants, awakening the jungle itself. Another shard went to a lively island, where it corrupted a wraith, covering the island in a Creeping Winter. The third shard landed on top of a mountain, corrupting the ancient protector of the Gale Sanctum, causing howling winds. A fourth shard dived into an ocean, which emboldened and corrupted an elder guardian, disrupting the ocean currents.

After all four of the stray shards in the Overworld were destroyed, it was discovered that two endermen had recovered the reformed remains of the Orb from the ruins of the Obsidian Pinnacle, taking it through the End Portal. Since then, the Heart of Ender lived on in the darkest reaches of The End, leading to a journey to destroy the ethereal remnant of the orb of dominance. It is finally destroyed for real with the defeat of the Vengeful Heart of Ender.

Confirmed victims[]

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  • In the base game, When the ender dragon is defeated, it cracks with beams peering out of it. These beams are the similar to the Orb of Dominance, hinting the ender dragon may have been created from the orb of dominance.
  • Due to the fact that the Orb of Dominance is a 5x5x5 cube, this means that the orb is the size of a mob head in the base game.
  • After the Orb of Dominance shatters, shards of the orb appear in the background of the main menu. [verify]
  • The shard that corrupted the Wretched Wraith uses a 6x6x6 texture but is roughly 3x3x3 in size. This would make this shard 27/125ths or ≈0,22 the size of the original orb that corrupted Archie.
    • No perfectly cubical piece of that large size was seen in the ruins upon its destruction atop the Obsidian Pinnacle.
  • The Orb of Dominance produces enderman sounds in the opening cinematic.


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