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Orb of Dominance


As he wanders through deep forests and up craggy mountains, he stumbles upon a dark cavern—with a sinister secret waiting inside. Archie discovers an object which whispers to him promises of power: the Orb of Dominance. With it, Archie realizes he can wield incredible magic and reshape a world that turned its back on him. All he needs to do is exactly what it tells him. After all, it’s called the Orb of Dominance for a reason, right? But is it named for the way Archie uses it—or is it using him?

Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager synopsis

The orb of dominance is a sentient object in Minecraft Dungeons that manipulated the Arch-Illager into believing that it could help him reshape the world into a society that he would be accepted into.


Despite being called an orb, the orb of dominance is a 5×5×5 cube that is the size of a mob head in the base game. No pieces of the cube that large were seen in the ruins during the final cinematic atop the obsidian pinnacle. The shard that corrupted the wretched wraith uses a 6x6x6 texture but is roughly 3x3x3 in size. This would make this shard 27/125ths or ≈0,22 the size of the original orb that corrupted Archie. However, no perfectly cubical piece of that large size was seen in the ruins upon its destruction atop the obsidian pinnacle. Coincidentally, there were multiple 2×2×2 and 1×1×1 pixel shards that were perfect cubes.


Summoning an ambush
Part of Boss Appearances


The orb of dominance is used by the Arch-Illager to summon ambushes, bosses, and minions. He also uses it to enhance mobs and fire purple blasts at heroes.


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!


Throughout the game and the prequel novel, the orb of dominance appears to be intensely manipulative. This was made apparent in its corruption of Archie in how it warped Archie’s desire of being accepted within a society. The orb’s corruption of Archie also showed that the orb was very intensely methodical in that the orb was very specific in its many suggestions to Archie and it was not in any way at all concerned with the possibility of failing in corrupting Archie. The orb initially showed Archie the kindness that he so desperately desired, such as when it summoned a plate of food when he was hungry and being willing to listen and support Archie when he talks about his personal issues. The orb’s kinder side is also seen when it suggested to Archie that he should use the six redstone golems to clear a path for him rather than doing so on his own. Upon gaining Archie’s trust, the orb then instilled into Archie a need for vengeance against the individuals who had ostracized him from society. It then convinced Archie that in order for him to get his revenge, they needed to build an army. The orb’s corruption gets to the point where the more Archie confides in and discusses with the orb, the more control the orb gains over its suggestions to Archie. This is seen in how it eventually causes Archie to become increasingly paranoid of betrayal. It uses Archie’s dislike and fear of Thord, and his distrust and suspicions of Walda’s attempted manipulations of him to instill in Archie a paranoia of betrayal. This is explicitly shown in how by the end of the novel, the orb had effectively eliminated every individual that could potentially stop its corruption of Archie, such as getting Archie to attack the village a second time to take prisoners, resulting in Archie’s only friend, Yumi, blaming the attack on him since she had no knowledge of the orb’s corruption. This paranoia of betrayal is also implied in the desert temple mission in the game itself with how the story description states that Archie was planning a raid on the desert temple to take the Nameless One’s staff, despite previously making an uneasy alliance with the Nameless One in the prequel novel. It is implied that the paranoia of betrayal that the orb had instilled within Archie led him believing that the only way to prevent the Nameless One from betraying him was to betray their uneasy alliance first. Just like how it only took a few non-genuine acts of kindness from the orb to ensnare Archie, all it took to free him from the orb was being spared by the heroes atop the Obsidian Pinnacle, allowing him to join their society.


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

To…The…Beginning… To the end.

Shard of Dominance, Minecraft Dungeons:Echoing Void opening cutscene

Long before the events of Minecraft Dungeons, the Orb of Dominance emerged from a portal that led from an "endless void between worlds" into the Overworld, where it wrecked havoc, until it was finally locked away; imprisoned within a sanctuary hidden in the mountains, under the watchful gaze of six redstone golems, built to guard the sanctuary prison. For millennia, there it would fester, until its existence would be all but forgotten.

Thousands of years later, an outcast illager named Archie, banished from his tribe, would come across the now crumbling sanctuary, seeking shelter. Sensing Archie’s troubled thoughts and despair, the orb called out to him, entrancing him with promises to solve his problems. At first, Archie tried to resist its beckoning, but soon gave in, releasing the malevolent orb from its pedestal, throwing Archie into a state of unconsciousness. Archie woke up to the orb telling him that they had to leave the sanctuary if he wanted to fix his problems. Before they left, Archie became distracted by the sight of the sanctuary’s redstone golems, which had fallen into disrepair like the ruins they guarded. Using its dark power, the orb reactivated the golems, giving them a new purpose, presenting them as a gift to Archie. The orb then ripped out chunks of gold and iron ore, forging a staff for Archie, who rested the orb upon the top of the staff. The orb then summoned food and bedding for Archie after sensing his weakness. The next morning, Archie and the orb are unexpectedly attacked by some husks that were drawn to their recent activity in the sanctuary ruins. Just before Archie prepares to use the staff as a melee weapon, the orb fires energy which obliterates the husks. Afterwards, the orb and the redstone golems clear a path down the mountain for Archie. Upon sensing Archie’s desire for vengeance against his tormentors, the orb informs him that they will need an army.

After leaving the mountains, Archie, the orb, and the golems make their way to the eastern coast of the Mainland. There, the orb creates a new home for Archie, christening it "Highblock Keep". The orb then takes Archie to the ramparts of the castle, which comes to be known as the obsidian pinnacle. Upon the pinnacle, the orb grants Archie a vision of the evoker, Thord, leading several illagers in a desperate struggle against an undead horde lead by a necromancer in the cacti canyon.

As Archie watches Thord and the other illagers, the orb suggested that the illagers could serve as their army. Sensing Archie’s hesitation, the orb advises that he could send the redstone golems to assist the illagers and Archie agrees to go himself. As they made their way through the cacti canyon, Archie questioned whether the illagers would attack him on sight, though the orb reassures him that all who would oppose him would be destroyed. As they continued searching, the orb told him that they will need a large source of heat to forge new redstone golems.

Archie decides to rest, yet before he could, the orb alerts him that the illagers are nearby. At the orb’s insistence, Archie defeats the undead horde attacking the illagers.

With the illager tribe heading to Highblock Keep, Archie uses the orb to furnish Highblock Halls, before heading to a nearby volcano where the orb manages to create a new redstone golem from the local minerals.

Leaving the new redstone golem to mine out the volcano underground cavern, Archie began to leave, much to the orb’s protests.

With the illagers at Highblock Keep, Archie tried to provide comfort, but the orb informs him that it would make him look weak, giving Thord the potential possibility of trying to usurp him.

The next day, Archie returned to the volcano to begin construction on the fiery forge. He used the orb to create a new redstone golem in front of the illagers, who applaud his act of creation. Archie then returned back to Highblock Castle in time for the orb to create a throne room for Archie. Thord then remarks that despite the orb, Archie is still weak. The orb impulsively advises Archie to kill the evoker for his lack of loyalty, but Archie chooses to ignore the advice.

During Archie’s attack on the squid coast, the illagers are ambushed by the undead, resulting in two skeletons abducting Archie. The undead have Archie brought to the desert temple, where he obtains an audience with the Nameless One, the reanimated king of the Overworld, who reigned thousands of years ago during the orb’s original rampage. The Nameless One revealed that he wants the orb so that the undead would no longer burn in sunlight. Archie agrees to grant them immunity, in exchange for an alliance between the undead and illagers.

Upon returning to Highblock Castle, Archie is greeted by his former matriarch, Walda, who informs him that Thord is overseeing security at the fiery forge. Archie departs to the obsidian pinnacle where the orb shows Archie that Thord had commandeered a redstone golem to steal a shipment of ore.

Archie soon leaves Highblock Castle and finds Thord struggling to move the shipment of ore down the lava lake. Upon spotting Archie, Thord tried attacking the illager outcast, but the orb protected Archie. Ultimately loyal to the Orb of Dominance, Thord’s commandeered redstone golem turns on the evoker. Thord tries to beg Archie for mercy but the illager outcast does not grant him any for his treachery. It is unknown whether Thord was killed directly by the golems or fell into the lava lake.

To celebrate the death of his tormentor, Archie used the orb to create something magnificent: the redstone monstrosity. Archie returned to Highblock Castle to question Walda, correctly predicting that she orchestrated the failed heist. Walda changes the subject by proposing that a coronation ceremony be held for Archie.

The ceremony goes without trouble with Archie declaring himself as the "Arch-Illager". Afterwards, the Arch-Illager retreats to obsidian pinnacle where the orb shows him a vision of a reinforced squid coast and the homes of his enemies. The Arch-Illager commands Walda to burn the houses to the ground. Walda, who now knows that the Arch-Illager cannot be usurped, loyally complies.

Deep down, Archie questions if he is doing the right thing but the orb says that they cannot tolerate non-loyalty from any living being as they travel west.

Now at the outskirts of the squid coast, the Arch-Illager smiled at the sight of smoke rising from the heroes’ houses burning. Once again, Archie questions his actions deep down but the orb reminded him of his past and told him that this was his retribution.

As the Arch-Illager basks in the flames of the squid coast burning down, what little is left of Archie is snuffed out by the orb. Finally, after thousands of years, the Orb of Dominance shall rule the Overworld.

The next day, the orb has the Arch-Illager lead a small group of illagers to round up any straggling villagers remaining in the squid coast. Though they are successful, they encounter resistance from the heroes whose houses they burned down.

Later in the evening, the Arch-Illager and the orb have their forces transport the captured villagers through the creeper woods to serve as a labor force. Unfortunately, the heroes followed them from the squid coast and free the prisoners.

Despite the illager conquests, the pumpkin pastures still remained free from the orb’s control. In response, the Arch-Illager has Walda lead a massive invasion of the pastures to subjugate the land. Though they are successful, the heroes managed to evacuate the villagers before the illagers arrive, and ultimately, Walda is slain in the town square.

Despite Walda’s death, with the fall of Pumpkin Pastures and the entire world now under his control, the Arch-Illager travels to the soggy swamp for a personal inspection of the witch coven that supplied his potions. During the inspection, the heroes enact a sudden raid on the coven and destroy all but one of the cauldrons. In retaliation, the Arch-Illager used the orb to grant sentience to the remaining cauldron to stop the heroes. Nevertheless, the heroes manage to destroy the empowered cauldron and defeat the coven.

With their potion supply gone, the orb suspected that the heroes would target their redstone supply next, and urged the Arch-Illager to send reinforcements to the redstone mines. As predicted, the heroes launched an assault on the redstone mines, defeating the guards and freeing the villager mining force. Deciding that the redstone mines was lost, the Arch-Illager dispatched a redstone golem to slow down the heroes while he fled.

With the mines gone, the orb realized that the heroes are actually targeting the illager war machine. The Arch-Illager has the fiery forge put on lockdown. However, the heroes were still able to manage to breach the fiery forge and destroy the stabilizing cores, triggering an eruption. With the fiery forge collapsing, the Arch-Illager has his forces evacuate as much supplies as possible to Highblock Keep. Hoping to trap the heroes in the volcanic eruption, the Arch-Illager reactivated his most prized creation, the redstone monstrosity. In the end, the heroes defeated the monstrosity and escaped the fiery forge.

Suffering from massive setbacks, the Arch-Illager grew increasingly paranoid of the Nameless One taking advantage and betraying him. At the orb’s insistence, the Arch-Illager sent a massive raid party to the cacti canyon to retrieve the Nameless One’s staff, since it can summon the undead. Though the Arch-Illager himself entered the desert temple, the heroes followed after him before the rest of the illagers even arrived.

Inside the desert temple, the Arch-Illager raced against the heroes through the labyrinth to find the Nameless One first. Despite the orb’s superior power, the heroes reached the reanimated king first and destroyed his staff. Still, it was not a loss for the Arch-Illager since the heroes unwittingly eliminated a threat to the orb’s reign and the control of the undead passed to the Arch-Illager.

With the Nameless One destroyed, the Arch-Illager threw a large feast to celebrate his foe’s demise in Highblock Halls. The orb warned him that the heroes might try to attack during the celebration but the Arch-Illager dismissed the concern as his entire army had gathered in the castle. Surely enough, the heroes did crash the party and made their way to the throne room. Before they could act, however, the Arch-Illager, who had watched their progress through the orb, sent out a legion of his best soldiers laying in ambush before he retreated to the ramparts.

Upon fighting their way through the ambush, the heroes chased the Arch-Illager across the obsidian pinnacle, defeating every soldier he sent at them. Eventually, the Arch-Illager found himself cornered at the tallest tower of the ramparts. Upon seeing no other option left, the Arch-Illager unleashed the full power of the Orb of Dominance upon his enemies. Despite the assistance of the orb, the Arch-Illager was still overpowered by the heroes. Seeing no more use in the Arch-Illager, the Orb of Dominance decided to take matters into its own responsibilities, manifesting as its true self: the heart of ender. Even with it unleashing is full power, the heart of ender was weakened enough to lose its physical form. Ironically, the heart of ender manipulated the Arch-Illager into believing that he needed its power, and when the destabilized entity tried to escape, it was the Arch-Illager who denied it, not wanting to lose the corruptive power that he so coveted. The heart of ender was shocked when it sensed not weakness, but strength, in the Arch-Illager. No matter how hard it ordered the illager outcast to let go, the Arch-Illager disobeyed and tightened his grip. Eventually it was too much for the unstabalized heart of ender and in a flash of light, the orb shattered.

As the smoke cleared, the ground was littered with countless tiny orb fragments, whose power faded away, the Arch-Illager, and the heroes he fought against. With the heart of ender gone, so too was the Arch-Illager. The first thing Archie saw when he woke from the nightmare were four heroes, who slowly approached him. At first, Archie expected pain, but only found…kindness, despite all that he did. With the storm dissipating, Archie and his former enemies celebrated. After all, the heart of ender was dead…wasn’t it?

The Orb of Dominance, the heart of ender, was the most powerful thing the Overworld ever experienced. Its power was so strong, that it could continue living despite such a fatal wound. What Archie and his new family didn’t see were the tiny fragments slowly pulling themselves back together into five larger shards, spread across the Overworld. After the fall of the illager empire, rumors sprouted up of corruption appearing in the outer regions of the Overworld. All sources pointed to the heart of ender, but it was destroyed. Nevertheless, the heroes decided to head off to the outer regions of the Overworld to confront this new corruption.

One day, deep in the heart of the dingy jungle, a shard of dominance crashed into the clearing. Its power bled out, being absorbed by the landscape. Soon, it began to corrupt the strange inhabitants of the island. Overtime, the shard began to collect vegetation and debris, until a corruptive beast was born from the foreign darkness: the jungle abomination. Eventually, the heroes arrived to dingy jungle, now overgrown with corruption, and fought their way through the corrupted inhabitants and the undead that blocked their way.

After the fighting, the heroes reached the clearing, which housed the overgrown temple, where the corruptive roars echoed from. As they trudged on, the heroes fought the leapleaves and undead that crawled about the crumbling maze. They finally reached a shrine, constructed by a civilization that worshipped the sun, at the center of the overgrown temple. Suddenly, the jungle abomination dropped down from the ceiling and did battle with the intruders. The heroes managed to swiftly cut down the orb-spawn and left the jungle, which could finally heal from the infection.

Across the sea was a lively island that housed a bustling trade center. In the distance was a lonely fortress overlooking the port that housed a certain wraith, notorious amongst its fellow undead for its dislike of the warmth. The wraith came across a strange object, a shard of dominance, one day and realized it could finally rid its home of the warmth with it. Using its newfound powers, this wretched wraith conjured a creeping winter and chased the local villagers from its new frozen kingdom. It soon received two types of visitors to the frosted fjord, the first being the scattered remnants of the illager empire which came to venerate its new powers; the second was the heroes who wished to destroy the wraith.

Despite the unending blizzard and illager hordes, the heroes reach the Lone Fortress which housed the origin of the winter. Throughout their journey, it became clear that this place used to be one of the Arch-Illager’s outposts, as it could be why the illagers came here. Eventually, the heroes reached an icy chasm with the shard of dominance floating above a crown of frost. Before they could reach the shard, the wretched wraith, now frozen with corruption, swooped up to attack. After a long fight, the wretched wraith notices that its cold is gone. As it examines its crown, it sees the shard is gone. As if in response, the warmth suddenly shone through the windows, onto the wretched wraith. The heroes watch on as the warmth evaporates the wretched wraith, and proceed to leave the island to melt as a new spring starts.

With the Arch-Illager gone, the illager empire soon crumbled to constant internal conflict. One large remnant of the illager empire retreated to windswept peaks where dark storms have been recently brewing around the mountain. Reports soon spread amongst the illagers of a shard of dominance spotted amongst the peak. If that were true, they could use it to regain control over the Overworld. Heroes soon showed up, determined to stop the corruptive storm brewing in the peaks. Seeing the legions of illagers, the heroes knew it was going to be a long climb.

The gale sanctum rested upon the summit, a place dedicated to the wonders of the wind. It is said that within its walls is a protector. Now it is crawling with illagers and corruption. Inside its doors, the heroes learned to master the wind and vanquish the squall golems. As they moved more and more within, the winds grew stronger. Suddenly, the wind stopped, they reached the eye of the storm. Before them stood the fallen protector of the sanctum: the tempest golem, now howling with corruption. Knowing that the tempest golem must be destroyed if the storm was to be stopped, the heroes rushed in to attack. To their surprise, weapons seemed to do nothing against the golem, as if a powerful current of wind blew away all damage. They soon spotted resonance crystals, and shut them down. Suddenly, the tempest golem’s chest burst open, revealing the shard of dominance on its torso. After several barrages against their enemy, the shard of dominance and the tempest golem shatter. Outside, the storm dissipates to a calm breeze. With all life in the Overworld saved, the heroes departed the island.

Unsettling rumors have come around: talk of strange, unnatural currents around the coral rise, the local undead becoming extra feisty, and spottings of a massive, glowing fish. If that were true, then a shard of dominance must have fallen into the sea. After a deep dive, the heroes reached the sea floor. Sure enough, the undead seem to be unusually active. Maybe the sudden currents have awake them from their slumber? It didn’t matter, somewhere, down in the crushing depths was a shard of dominance spreading corruption. But something else was out there, as the sea floor darkened, the heroes realized it was a shadow. As they looked up, swimming above them was a giant creature that resembled a guardian. Where there are guardians, there is…a monument!

As long as it remembered, the ancient guardian spent its entire existence protecting the abyssal monument. It was the very first to execute such an honorable duty. It could recall all those centuries, swimming around, watching new guardians and elder guardians joining its ranks in this vital mission. It remembers every square block of the abyssal monument, every room, chamber, and the exact areas occupied by coral. The only thing that eludes it was when the undead came along. Very mysterious, sometimes the ancient guardian would spend entire days watching them. They don’t bother it, as long as they don’t harm the artifacts, it won’t harm the undead. There was one day, that strange shining shard appeared. The sudden growth spurt and newfound confidence that served well in spreading its territory, but now these creatures ransack its artifacts without a care in the world. It doesn’t matter if it had to destroy part of its home. All that matters is to protect the abyssal monument! They fought valiantly, with true warrior’s spirit. As the world darkens, the ancient guardian realized that it lost its sight of purpose. The visitors weren’t here to destroy the abyssal monument, but have come to save it from its own protector! At least, in the end, it still got to die with honor.

Anger…pain…suffering…Through the heart of ender’s fractured, but shared conscience, the fifth shard of dominance felt the destruction of the other four shards. Somehow, it remained hidden from its enemies, maybe for the best. It managed to outlive the other shards of its being, but it was only a matter of time before they came for it. The sound…the sound of stone being moved. Yes, they received its message. Light shines in as two endermen moved aside the bricks that made up the ruins of the obsidian pinnacle. As one enderman grabbed the final shard, the orb felt it’s time had come. To the beginning…the endermen teleport to the stronghold. The beginning from which it came, the beginning from which it lived. To the beginning…the shard carrying enderman approaches the end portal. After the two head through the portal, several endersent and endermites emerge from the portal, determined to protect the pathway to their master. To the beginning…the time had now come to go to the end.

Finally, after countless millennia, the heart of ender was back home. Its imperfected form may not be much, but it will do. It senses its best endersent being slain by those heroes, but the stronghold was still heavily guarded by the undead. The heart of ender scurries around the end wilds, sprinting past the surviving members of the illager empire that it had brought here unwillingly. It just needed more power so it could destroy all dimensions and be rid of its enemies! To think that it once wanted to rule that world through such an outcast…The heroes, they are here. It has to hurry its plan, should it get revenge.

The end wilds truly was an otherworldly realm, more so than the Nether. The heroes felt it in their very souls that the final battle drew near. One this day, between the heroes and the heart of ender, one of them would fall. They spotted something rising in the horizon. This was it: the broken Citadel, the original homestead of the Orb of Dominance. The city was already crawling with a welcoming party of enderlings and illagers. With the power of the elytra, the heroes made their way across the broken citadel. Suddenly, the heart of ender scurries past the heroes, as it enters a large void pool in the center of its shrine. The entirety of the broken citadel seems to rumble as something rose from the depths of the void. Standing before them was the Orb of Dominance’s perfected form: the vengeful heart of ender. One last battle engaged between the reborn embodiment of evil and the last hope of the Overworld insured until…the vengeful heart of ender shook uncontrollably, firing lasers everywhere, chopping itself to pieces. The monstrous entity fell to pieces, disintegrating, as the heroes looked on to see the vengeful heart of ender’s ashes blowing away into the obscurity of the End, to be lost forever…

With news of the Orb of Dominance’s permanent demise, celebrations occurred across the Overworld. Though the orb was finally destroyed, some other evil could rise in its place, as evil always does…but when it does heroes will be ready to fight against it!

Confirmed dominations[]

Confirmed manifestations[]

  • Heart of Ender — The first manifestation of the orb, created atop the Obsidian Pinnacle as a last resort from preventing the defeat of the Arch-Illager and fall of illager empire.
  • Imperfect Heart of Ender — The second manifestation of the orb, created within the End Wilds after the remnants of the orb was taken to the End by two Endermen.
  • Vengeful Heart of Ender — The third and final manifestation of the orb, formed within the central area of the Broken Citadel by drawing upon power surging from the echoing depths of the void.

Confirmed victims[]


Opening cinematic[]

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