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The obsidian pinnacle is the tenth and final location in the main story of Minecraft Dungeons. It appears on the map after the hero successfully completes Highblock Halls. This is the only location that harbors two different final bosses, the Arch-Illager and the Heart of Ender.


THE EYE OF THE STORM – It is time to end the Arch-Illager's reign of terror. We've trapped the little tyrant in the highest tower of the castle, and there is nowhere left for him to run.

In-game story


The unintelligible noises in the beginning cutscene is actually a reversed phrase saying Fight your way out, endless of heart.

- Unintelligible Noises - The Arch-Illager has fled to the ramparts of Highblock Castle, but he can't have gotten far. Make haste and fight your way through to the highest tower. The Arch-Illager and his reign of terror ends tonight.


The Arch-Illager, The enemy of the Villagers, was defeated

Great heroes save the day, and vanquished evil

Thanks to you, all was well... until it wasn't...



Main article: MCD:Objective
Eye of the storm
  1. Pursue the Arch-Illager
  2. Power The Beacons (2)
  3. Pursue the Arch-Illager
  4. Defeat the Arch-Illager
  5. Follow the trail


The Arch-Illager has fled to the Obsidian Pinnacle, a place full of statues, narrow ramparts, illagers, etc. To get from one section to another, heroes need to jump between different areas of the broken rampart with the help of spring platforms, which also kills companions while jumping to a new section. They are likely to land right in the middle of a horde of mobs.

Several redstone golems also reside at the top of the Obsidian Pinnacle. Once the heroes have fought their way through the hordes of illagers, they can reach the top of the Obsidian Pinnacle and come face-to-face with the Arch-Illager. After defeating him and his creations, heroes encounter the last boss of the game, the Heart of Ender. At last, the Heart of Ender and the Arch-Illager's evil reign is ended by the heroes.


The Obsidian Pinnacle appears to be the ramparts of Highblock Halls. It has a lot of narrow passageways that often lead to dead ends. Spring platforms appear often as there are many gaps in the level. There is a small indoor portion of the mission that resembles Highblock Halls but is more worn down and much smaller. illagers and redstone golems appear in large numbers here and are the only mobs including endermen that can spawn in this mission. At the pinnacle of the ramparts is where the Arch-Illager is hiding from the hero. There's an obsidian chest and a fancy chest in the rune room which is located near the end of the indoor portion.

Mobs and entities[]


Entity Difficulty
Arcade Ancient Hunt Default Adventure Apocalypse
Adriene No No Yes Yes Yes
Hal No No Yes Yes Yes
Hex No No Yes Yes Yes
Orb of Dominance No No Yes Yes Yes
Redstone Cube No No Yes Yes Yes
Valorie No No Yes Yes Yes
Piggy Bank No No Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter No No Yes Yes Yes
Evoker Yes [note 1] No No No No
Geomancer Yes[note 2] No No No No
Giant Royal Guard Yes No No No No
Melee Skeleton Yes No No No No
Pillager Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Redstone Golem Yes No Summoned[note 3] Summoned[note 3] Summoned[note 3]
Royal Guard Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Vex Summoned[note 4] No Summoned[note 4] Summoned[note 4] Summoned[note 4]
Vindicator Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Yes No No No No
Enderman No Yes No Sometimes[note 5] Sometimes[note 5]
Evoker No No Sometimes[note 5][note 1] Sometimes[note 5] Sometimes[note 5]
Raid Captain No No Yes[note 6] Yes[note 6] Yes[note 6]
Redstone Golem No No Yes Yes Yes
Arch-Illager No No Yes Yes Yes
Heart of Ender No No Yes[note 7] Yes[note 7] Yes[note 7]
Obsidian Monstrosity Yes Statue[note 8] Statue[note 8] Statue[note 8] Statue[note 8]
Solemn Giant No Yes No No No
  1. a b Summons evoker fangs
  2. Summons geomancer walls and geomancer bombs
  3. a b c Summoned by Arch-Illager
  4. a b c d Summoned by evokers
  5. a b c d e Appears at indoor part of level and are sometimes replaced by Redstone Golem
  6. a b c Spawns only if the mission have already been completed once
  7. a b c Made up of the Orb of Dominance, the Arch Visage, and the Arch Vessel
  8. a b c d Sometimes appears as a mob-like statue


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Evocation Robe Yes Yes Yes
Grim Armor Yes Yes Yes
Ghost Cloak No Yes Yes
Lightning Rod Yes Yes Yes
Shock Powder Yes Yes Yes
Wonderful Wheat Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Claymore Yes Yes Yes
Great Hammer No Yes Yes
Katana No No Yes
Ranged Gear
Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Soul Crossbow Yes Yes Yes



Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

A gargoyle is an mob-like feature that appears as a statue on top various walls on the obsidian pinnacle.


The gargoyle simply appears as a stone statue of a mob possessing the head of a redstone monstrosity with three eyes, although one is chipped off. It stands upon a stone stand and on its back it has thin wings.

Data values[]

  • In the game files, the gargoyle is referred to internally as the Gargoyle_Statue and the StatueGargoyle.


Main article: Achievement
Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)
High Treason
Defeat the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty.100GGold
Post Post-Apocalypse
Complete Obsidian Pinnacle on Apocalypse Plus 5 difficulty.50GGold
Saved The Overworld
Defeat the Arch-Illager at the Obsidian Pinnacle.100GGold


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