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This page describes content that is a part of the Flames of the Nether DLC. 
Nether Wastes
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The Nether Wastes is a location in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Flames of the Nether.


INFINITE WASTELAND – Any journey through the Nether begins in the Nether Wastes. The endless sprawl is scattered with strange relics that break up the bleak landscape, jutting forth from somewhere beneath the surface.

In-game story


A harsh welcome awaits you in the Nether Wastes. Only ruins and relics keep you company as you race to escape the seemingly endless sprawl. You’ll need to keep your wits about you if you want to survive the wastes.

Opening Cinematic


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Mobs and entities[]


Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Ghast Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1]
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Blue Nethershroom Sometimes[note 2] Sometimes[note 2] Sometimes[note 2]
Armored Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Armored Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Blaze Spawner Yes Yes Yes
Blaze Yes Yes Yes
Fungus Thrower Sometimes[note 3] Sometimes[note 3] Sometimes[note 3]
Hoglin Yes Yes Yes
Magma Cube Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Archer Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Armored Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Armored Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Raid Captain Yes Yes Yes
Wildfire Yes Yes Yes
  1. a b c Appears in the opening cinematic
  2. a b c Thrown by fungus throwers
  3. a b c Spawns in a secret area


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Piglin Armor Yes Yes Yes
Buzzy Nest Yes Yes Yes
Spinblade No Yes Yes
Thundering Quiver Yes Yes Yes
Wind Horn Yes Yes Yes
Apple Yes Yes Yes
Arrow Bundle Yes Yes Yes
Bread Yes Yes Yes
Pork Yes Yes Yes
Shadow Brew Yes Yes Yes
Strength Potion Yes Yes Yes
Swiftness Potion Yes Yes Yes
TNT Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Battlestaff No No Yes
Sword Yes Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Trickbow Yes Yes Yes
Twisting Vine Bow No Yes Yes