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Mystery Merchant
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This merchant sells random items from one out of several item categories.

In-game description

The mystery merchant appears in the camp after being rescued by the hero inside of a ship in Pumpkin Pastures. This merchant has “got a dark and mysterious side,”[1] and sells mystery loot crates to the hero.


The mystery merchant is a mysterious merchant that wears dark purple robes, with a dark purple hood and gloves covering the merchant’s face and hands. The merchant also has a blue undershirt covered by a white-grey shirt, as well as brown pants and black sandals. Unlike normal villagers, this merchant possesses light blue eyes.



The mystery merchant will sell different crates to the hero. These crates are able to be restocked using emeralds, and the amount of slots available at a time can be increased by defeating enchanted mobs. The merchant is able to sell the hero melee crates (300 emeralds), ranged crates (300 emeralds), artifact crates (450 emeralds), armor crates (300 emeralds), and mystery crates (370 emeralds). The merchant has a small chance of giving the hero unique gear.


Ambience Loop
"Yes" (Accept the trade)
Haggle (Player ask for trade)
"No" (Cancel the trade)


Minecraft Dungeons
September 17, 2020In a tweet on Twitter, the developers showcase and attempt to hype up the mystery behind who the masked merchant really is.[2] Merchant.pngAdded the mystery merchant.


  • In the mystery merchant’s Camp stall, something similar to a corrupted beacon can be seen.
  • The mystery merchant has a pet wolf.
  • Using hacks and a debug camera shows that the wolf is seen levitating.