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Enchantment common icon.png Common

Applicable to

Ranged weapon



Grants the chance to fire five arrows at once.

In-game description

Multishot is an enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons that grants the user a chance to fire five arrows instead of one. The chance of this triggering increases with each tier. It is possible to hit an enemy with all five arrows of the Enchantment for massive damage at close range.


Multishot is good on ranged weapons such as that of the Scatter Crossbow which fires 3 arrows already, as each of the arrows has a chance to trigger multishot. Replacing the Scatter Crossbow with a Harp Crossbow almost 100% triggers multishot, as it fires 5 arrows already, and each of those arrows have a 1/5 chance to multishot. Of course, the Scatter Crossbow and the unique variants of it already have various tiers of Reliable Multishot already built in, which makes it so that the ranged weapon has a 100% chance to multi-shoot 3, 4 or 5 shots, depending on tier.


Tier Effect Cost
I 20% chance to trigger 1 Enchantment Point
II 30% chance to trigger 2 Enchantment Points
III 40% chance to trigger 3 Enchantment Points


Any ranged weapon enchanted with Multishot allows the bow to have a chance to shoot five arrows at once. The chances of it triggering increases with each tier with the highest being 40%. It is possible to shoot all five arrows at a mob for increased close-range damage.