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The specific instructions are: Render of Mountaineer place their pick into the ground to not be blown away by strong wind.
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This page describes content that is a part of the Howling Peaks DLC. 


Natural equipment

Mountaineer Pick (unobtainable)

The Mountaineer is an illager and hostile mob with a Mountaineer Pick found in the new Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks.


The Mountaineer is an illager who lives in mountainous areas. It is often seen wearing a brown hood with additional white face covering, brown-and-white colored sleeves and pants, brown boots and gloves, and a blue belt or sash around its chest. They always hold a Mountaineer Pick in which they use for attacks. They also possess blue eyes like a Vindicator and like them, they also have armored variants.


Mountaineers behave like normal vindicators but are much stronger along with their armored variants, running up to the player and attacking them via melee, with their picks. When in contact with wind, they place their pick into the ground to not be blown away.


Power Min Health
1 20
4 34
10 54
16 82
22 110
27 148
33 198
39 256
45 328
51 422
56 572
62 776
68 1048
74 1346
80 1728
86 2218
91 3020
97 4098
103 5552


Attack New
Death New
Hurt New
Idle New


Minecraft Dungeons
October 3, 2020Howling Peaks announced during Minecraft Live 2020, with the release date set to be somewhere in December 2020. textures and sound files for the Mountaineer into the game, currently unused. Added the Mountaineer.


  • In the artwork for Howling Peaks, Mountaineers can be seen climbing the peaks while using Axes, instead of Mountaineer Picks.