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Not to be confused with Redstone Monstrosity.
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Notes: Health from the Apocalypse + difficulties
Mooshroom Monstrosity
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The Mooshroom Monstrosity is a boss mob in Minecraft Dungeons. It appears in the hidden dungeon ??? level as the final boss.


The Mooshroom Monstrosity appears to be a mechanical mob made of stone and redstone patches, as well as mushroom spores sprouting out of the Mooshroom Monstrosity's body. It appears to have multiple cracks within the body and red outlines within its torso. It has two black eyes and a third empty eye socket on its forehead, and a red jaw. This mob is a variation of the Redstone Monstrosity. It is about 5.4 blocks tall.


These attack names are conjectural; official names has not been established.

The Mooshroom Monstrosity has three attacks. It walks faster than the Redstone Monstrosity but slower than the Redstone Golem. Its health pool is larger than any other mob in the game. There are no Redstone Cores in its battlefield, differing it from its counterpart

Monstrosity Smash

The Mooshroom Monstrosity smashes both of its fists on the ground, creating a large 4 block shockwave in a radius that does heavy damage to and knocks back any other entities in its range. This attack is the one used most often when a player gets in range.

Mooshroom Fissures

The Mooshroom Monstrosity pounds the ground with both fists as its body glows. 12 fissures appear around the arena, each spawning a mooshroom. The Mooshroom Monstrosity has a 20 second cooldown after using this pattern. Each mooshroom has 1/80ths of the boss's health pool.

Mooshroom Missiles

The Mooshroom Monstrosity's most powerful attack is to shoot out a line of 7 flaming mushroom projectiles from its both hands. When the mushroom hits an object, it explodes in a small radius (90% of the Melee's damage per flaming mushroom). It is commonly used when the player is in a certain range from the Mooshroom Monstrosity.


Power Min Health before 1.16.0
1 2880
4 4896
10 7776
16 11808
22 15840
27 21312
33 28512
39 36864
45 47232
51 60768
56 82368
62 111744
68 150912
74 193824
80 248832
86 319392
91 434880
97 590112
103 799488




Mooshroom Monstrosity Theme Start
Mooshroom Monstrosity Theme Loop
Mooshroom Monstrosity Theme End

Mooshroom Monstrosity[edit]

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The specific instructions are: when mooshroom monstrosity smashes the ground (basic attack)
Mushroom Projectile
Growl Short
Voice Charge
Idle Short


  • The Mooshroom Monstrosity’s melee attack does less than the Redstone Monstrosity’s Melee attack.
  • According to the code the Mooshroom Monstrosity has the most HP of any mob.
  • The Mooshroom Monstrosity are one of the only few bosses that is not summoned by the Arch-Illager.
  • The Mooshroom Monstrosity, along with the Corrupted Cauldron, and the Heart of Ender are the only bosses that are not found in any trailer or promotional material for Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Because the Mooshroom Monstrosity is a secret boss, it doesn't have a LEGO counterpart, unlike the Redstone Monstrosity which already has one. It is also not shown in the Minecraft Livestream.
  • The Mooshroom Monstrosity uses the Corrupted Cauldron's boss music.