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Remember viewers: Mobbo loves you!

A reoccurring statement on the Minecraft YouTube channel.

Mobbo is a hero in Minecraft Dungeons unlocked as part of the Cloudy Climb rewards track at the Adventure Hub. They are a mascot of the How We Make Minecraft YouTube series released by Mojang.[1]


Mobbo has pink skin, large eyes with pupils in different directions, an open mouth with a few teeth showing, a dark purple shirt and no pants. Mobbo's dark purple shirt design resembles the epic smiley, a drawing of a smiley face with upturned eyes, which is a popular meme around the Internet.


Mobbo in How We Make Minecraft.


Minecraft Dungeons
July 31, 2020Mobbo makes its first appearance in the first episode of the how we make Minecraft YouTube series.[2]
August 21, 2020Mobbo makes a brief appearance in the second episode of the how we make Minecraft YouTube series.[3]
October 16, 2021Mobbo was seen among the ten announced heroes that were said to be coming soon to the game.[4]
November 16, 2021A Twitter post was released showcasing Mobbo standing idle in the End Wilds wearing the Prism Cape.[5] Mobbo.


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