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For mobs in original games of Minecraft Dungeons, see Mob.
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  • Fix the Arch Visage face icon so that its crown appears.
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Some of the many mobs from Minecraft Dungeons.[1]

There are several mobs exclusively found in Minecraft Dungeons that are not present in the base game, Minecraft.

List of mobs[]

Passive mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Ambient Bat BatFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Ambient Wolf WolfFace.png No Animal
Camp Resident
Clam ClamFace.png Yes Animal
Cow CowFace.png No Animal
Diamond Key Golem DiamondKeyGolemFace.png Yes Golem
Glow Squid GlowSquidFace.png No Animal
Horse HorseFace (Dungeons).gif No Animal
Key Golem GoldenKeyGolemFace.png Yes Golem
Ocelot OcelotFace.png No Animal
Panda PandaFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Pig PigFace.png No Animal
Piggy Bank PiggyBankFace.png Yes Animal
Rabbit RabbitFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Sheep SheepFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Squid SquidFace.png No Animal
Target Dummy TargetDummyFace.png Yes Camp Resident
Tower Keeper TowerKeeperFace.png Yes Non-attackable
Tower Keeper
Tropical Fish TropicalFishBody.png No Animal
Turtle TurtleFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Villager VillagerFace.png No Non-attackable
Wisp WispFace.png Yes Ghost
Wooly Cow WoolyCowFace.png Yes Animal


Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Blacksmith Dungeons BlacksmithFace.png Yes Camp Merchant
Gift Wrapper GiftWrapperFace.png Yes Camp Merchant
Gildsmith GildsmithFace.png Yes Non-attackable
Tower Keeper
Luxury Merchant LuxuryMerchantFace.png Yes Camp Merchant
Mystery Merchant MysteryMerchantFace.png Yes Camp Merchant
Piglin Merchant PiglinMerchantFace.png Yes Camp Merchant
Powersmith PowersmithFace.png Yes Non-attackable
Tower Keeper
Uniquesmith UniquesmithFace.png Yes Non-attackable
Tower Keeper
Village Merchant VillageMerchantFace.png Yes Camp Merchant
Tower Keeper

Summonable mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Bat BatFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Bee BeeFace.png No Animal
Enchanted Sheep EnchantedSheepFace.gif Yes Animal
Guardian Vex GuardianVexFace.png Yes Ender
Iron Golem IronGolemFace (Dungeons).png No Golem
Llama TraderLlamaFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Soul Entity SoulWizardFace.png Yes Ghost
Wolf WolfFace.png No Animal

Cosmetic pets[]

Pets that can be summoned by the hero, but are non-attackable passive mobs in-game. These pets cannot attack mobs, but they still take damage and are affected by hero auras but they don't die.

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Arctic Fox SnowFoxFace.png No Animal
Axolotl (Leucistic) AxolotlFace.png No Animal
Baby Chicken ChickenFace.png No Animal
Baby Ghast BabyGhastFace.png Yes Ghost
Baby Goat BabyGoatFace.png No Animal
Baby Pig PigFace.png No Animal
Baby Squid File:BabySquidFace.png No Baby Squid
Baby Turtle TurtleFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Dark Baby Goat DarkBabyGoatFace.png Yes Animal
Duck DuckFace.png Yes Animal
Endermite EndermitePetFace (Dungeons).png Yes Animal
Fox FoxFace.png No Animal
Glowing Mini Abomination File:GlowingMiniAbominationFace.png Yes Golem
Glowing Ministrosity File:GlowingMinistrosityFace.png Yes Golem
Golden Axolotl File:GoldenAxolotlFace.png Yes Animal
Golden Parrot GoldenParrotFace.png Yes Animal
Mini Abomination File:MiniAbominationFace.png Yes Golem
Mole File:MoleFace.png Yes Animal
Parrot ParrotFace.png No Animal
Raven RavenFace.png Yes Animal
Redstone Ministrosity File:RedstoneMinistrosityFace.png Yes Golem
Ruby Baby Turtle RubyBabyTurtleFace.png Yes Animal
Spotted Baby Pig File:SpottedBabyPigFace.png Yes Animal
Stone Ministrosity File:StoneMinistrosityFace.png Yes Golem
Toucan ToucanFace.png Yes Animal
Wild Axolotl File:WildAxolotl.png Yes Animal
Zombified Baby Pig ZombifiedBabyPigFace.png Yes Undead

Neutral mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Dolphin DolphinFace.png No Animal
Goat GoatFace.png No Animal
Llama LlamaFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Polar Bear PolarBearFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Pufferfish PufferfishFace.png No Animal

Hostile mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Abomination Vine AbominationVine.png Yes Natural
Armored Drowned ArmoredDrownedFace.gif Yes Natural
Armored Mountaineer ArmoredMountaineerFace.gif Yes Illager
Armored Piglin ArmoredPiglinFace.gif Yes Piglin
Armored Piglin Hunter ArmoredPiglinHunterFace.gif Yes Piglin
Armored Pillager ArmoredPillagerFace.gif Yes Illager
Armored Skeleton ArmoredSkeletonFace.png Yes Undead
Armored Sunken Skeleton ArmoredSunkenSkeletonFace.gif Yes Natural
Armored Vindicator ArmoredVindicatorFace.gif Yes Illager
Armored Trident Drowned ArmoredDrownedFace.gif Yes Natural
Armored Zombie ArmoredZombieFace.png Yes Undead
Baby Drowned DrownedFace.png No Natural
Baby Zombie ZombieFace (Dungeons).png No Undead
Blastling BlastlingFace.png Yes Ender
Blaze BlazeFace.png No N/A
Blaze Spawner BlazeSpawnerFace.png Yes Golem
Cave Spider CaveSpiderFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Charged Creeper ChargedCreeperFace (Dungeons).png No Natural
Chicken ChickenFace.png No Animal
Chicken Jockey ChickenJockeyFace.png No Animal
Chicken Jockey Tower ChickenJockeyMultipleFace.png Yes Animal
Creeper CreeperFace (Dungeons).png No Natural
Drowned DrownedFace.png No Natural
Enchanter EnchanterFace.png Yes Illager
Endermite EndermiteFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Frozen Zombie FrozenZombieFace.png Yes Natural
Fungus Thrower FungusThrowerFace.png Yes Piglin
Geomancer GeomancerFace.png Yes Illager
Guardian GuardianFace.png No N/A
Hoglin HoglinFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Husk HuskFace.png No Undead
Iceologer IceologerFace.png Yes Illager
Icy Creeper IcyCreeperFace.png Yes Natural
Jungle Zombie JungleZombieFace.png Yes Natural
Leapleaf LeapleafFace.png Yes Natural
Magma Cube MagmaCubeFace (Dungeons).png No N/A
Mob Spawner SpawnerFace.png Yes Golem
Mossy Skeleton MossySkeletonFace.png Yes Natural
Mooshroom MooshroomFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Mountaineer MountaineerFace.png Yes Illager
Necromancer NecromancerFace.png Yes Undead
Phantom PhantomFace.png No Non-attackable
Piglin PiglinFace (Dungeons).png No Piglin
Piglin Hunter PiglinFace (Dungeons).png Yes Piglin
Pillager Vindicator&PillagerFace (Dungeons).png No Illager
Pink Slime PurpleSlimeFace.png Yes Natural
Poison Anemone PoisonAnemoneFace.png Yes Natural
Poison-Quill Vine PoisonQuillVineFace.png Yes Natural
Quick Growing Kelp QuickGrowingAnemoneFace.png Yes Natural
Quick Growing Vine QuickGrowingVine.png Yes Natural
Rampart Captain RampartCaptainFace.png Yes Illager
Ravager RavagerFace (Dungeons).png No Illager
Redstone Cube RedstoneCubeFace.png Yes Golem
Non-Illager ally
Royal Guard RoyalGuardFace.png Yes Illager
Shulker ShulkerFace.png No Ender
Silverfish SilverfishFace.png No Animal
Skeleton SkeletonFace (Dungeons).png No Undead
Skeleton Horse SkeletonHorseFace.png No Undead
Skeleton Vanguard SkeletonVanguardFace.png Yes Undead
Slime SlimeFace (Dungeons).png No Natural
Snareling SnarelingFace.png Yes Ender
Spider SpiderFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Squall Golem SquallGolemFace.png Yes Golem
Non-Illager ally
Stray StrayFace (Dungeons).png No Undead
Sunken Skeleton SunkenSkeletonFace.png Yes Natural
Tower Guard TowerGuardFace.png Yes Illager
Tower Keeper
Tower Wraith TowerWraithFace.png Yes Ghost
Tower Keeper
Trident Drowned DrownedFace.png Yes Natural
Tropical Slime TropicalSlimeFace (Dungeons).png Yes Natural
Vex VexFace (Dungeons).png No Ghost
Non-Illager ally
Vindicator Vindicator&PillagerFace (Dungeons).png No Illager
Vindicator Chef VindicatorChefFace.png Yes Illager
Watchling WatchlingFace.png Yes Ender
Wavewhisperer WavewhispererFace.png Yes Natural
Whisperer WhispererFace.png Yes Natural
Wind Caller WindCallerFace.png Yes Illager
Witch WitchFace (Dungeons).png No Non-Illager ally
Wither Skeleton WitherSkeletonFace (Dungeons).png No Undead
Wither Skeleton Archer WitherSkeletonFace (Dungeons).png Yes Undead
Wraith WraithFace.png Yes Ghost
Zombie ZombieFace (Dungeons).png No Undead
Zombified Armored Piglin ZombifiedArmoredPiglinFace.gif Yes Piglin
Zombified Armored Piglin Hunter ZombifiedArmoredPiglinHunterFace.gif Yes Piglin
Zombified Fungus Thrower ZombifiedFungusThrowerFace.png Yes Piglin
Zombified Piglin ZombifiedPiglinFace (Dungeons).png No Piglin
Zombified Piglin Hunter ZombifiedPiglinFace (Dungeons).png Yes Piglin

Ancient mobs[]

Name AncientHuntsFace.pngIcon Exclusive Classifications
????? ????? Icon.png Yes Animal
Abominable Weaver Abominable Weaver Icon.png Yes Animal
Abyssal Eye Abyssal Eye Icon.png Yes N/A
Ancient Terror Ancient Terror Icon.png Yes Ghost
Barrage Barrage Icon.png Yes Undead
Cursed Presence Cursed Presence Icon.png Yes Undead
First Enchanter First Enchanter Icon.png Yes Illager
Frostwarden Frostwarden Icon.png Yes Illager
Grim Guardian Grim Guardian Icon.png Yes Undead
Haunted Caller Haunted Caller Icon.png Yes Undead
Oozing Menace Oozing Menace Icon.png Yes Natural
Pestilent Conjurer Pestilent Conjurer Icon.png Yes Non-Illager ally
Scuttling Torment Scuttling Torment Icon.png Yes Animal
Solemn Giant Solemn Giant Icon.png Yes Illager
The Seeking Flame The Seeking Flame Icon.png Yes Ghost
Non-Illager ally
The Swarm The Swarm Icon.png Yes Ender
The Tiny Scourge The Tiny Scourge Icon.png Yes Undead
The Tower The Tower Icon.png Yes Animal
The Unending The Unending Icon.png Yes Golem
Thundering Growth Thundering Growth Icon.png Yes Natural
Unbreakable One Unbreakable One Icon.png Yes Golem
Non-Illager ally
Unstoppable Tusk Unstoppable Tusk Icon.png Yes Animal
Vengeful Mariner Vengeful Mariner Icon.png Yes Natural
Vigilant Scoundrel Vigilant Scoundrel Icon.png Yes Illager
Watcher of The End Watcher of The End Icon.png Yes Ender
Windbeard Windbeard Icon.png Yes Animal

Powerful mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Drowned Necromancer DrownedNecromancerFace.png Yes Natural
Elder Guardian ElderGuardianFace.png No N/A
Enderman EndermanFace (Dungeons).png No Ender
Endersent EndersentFace.png Yes Ender
Evoker EvokerFace (Dungeons).png No Illager
Ghast GhastFace.png No Ghost
Illusioner IllusionerFace (Dungeons).png No Illager
Raid Captain RaidCaptainFace.gif No Illager
Redstone Golem RedstoneGolemFace.png Yes Golem
Non-Illager ally
Skeleton Horseman SkeletonHorsemanFace (Dungeons).png No Undead
Wildfire File:WildfireFace.png Yes N/A

Boss mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Ancient Guardian AncientGuardianFace.png Yes Natural
Arch-Illager Arch-IllagerFace.png Yes Illager
Corrupted Cauldron CorruptedCauldronFace.png Yes Golem
Heart of Ender HeartOfEnderFace.png Yes Ender
Jungle Abomination JungleAbominationFace.png Yes Golem
Mooshroom Monstrosity MooshroomMonstrosityFace.png Yes Golem
Nameless One NamelessOneFace.png Yes Undead
Orb of Dominance OrbFace.png Yes Ender
Redstone Monstrosity RsMonstrosityFace.png Yes Golem
Tempest Golem Tempest Golem Face.png Yes Golem
Non-Illager ally
Vengeful Heart of Ender VengefulHeartOfEnderFace.png Yes Ender
Wretched Wraith WretchedWraithFace.png Yes Ghost

Technical mobs[]

These features appear in specific missions. Some of them do not look like regular mobs. However, the in-game data file shows that they are both an "entity" and a "mob".

Summonable entities[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classification
Biomine AncientBiomineFace.png Yes Natural
Evoker Fang EvokerFangsFace.png No Non-attackable
Non-Illager ally
Geomancer Bomb GeomancerBombFace.png Yes Non-attackable
Non-Illager ally
Geomancer Wall GeomancerWallFace.png Yes Non-attackable
Non-Illager ally
Ice Chunk IceChunkFace.png Yes Natural

Map structure[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classification
Blue Nethershroom BlueNethershroomFace.png Yes Natural
Mob-like Block
Firefly FireflyFaceDungeons.png Yes Animal
Mob-like Texture
Gargoyle File:GargoyleFace.png Yes Mob-like Entity
Minecart Minecart (Dungeons).gif No Mob-like Entity
Redstone Sentry RedstoneSentryFace.png Yes Mob-like Block
Starfish Starfish.png Yes Animal
Mob-like Texture
Strider StriderFace.png No Animal
Mob-like Sound
Vulture VultureFace.png Yes Animal
Mob-like Shadow
Woodland Sentry RedCarpet.png Yes Mob-like Block

Shared origin mobs[]

These mobs share renders with other mobs or are the same mob with a different design.

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Arch Visage Arch Vessel.png Yes Ender
Baby Panda PandaFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Baby Turtle TurtleFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Captured Blacksmith ArmorerFace.png Yes Non-attackable
Decal Puddle File:DecalPuddleFace.png Yes Ender
Eponymous Squid GlowSquidFace.png Yes Animal
Fake Ancient Guardian File:FakeAncientGuardianFace.png Yes Natural
False King NamelessOneFace.png Yes Mob-like Clone
Imperfect Heart of Ender ImperfectHeartOfEnderFace.png Yes Ender
Illusioner Clone IllusionerFace (Dungeons).png No Illager
Mob-like Clone

Cinematic mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
End Illager EndIllagerFace.png Yes Illager
Trader Llama TraderLlamaFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Wandering Trader WanderingTraderFace.png No Villager

Unseen mobs[]

Mobs that are only mentioned in items, missions, or canon books.

These mobs don't have a official design:

Unimplemented mobs[]

Unimplemented mobs are mobs that were in the beta version but possibly scrapped mid development or were planned but not actually added, and are not planned to be added. Mobs that were found in trailers or in other media, but are not in the game files are also included.

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Beta Armored
ArmoredMountaineerFace2.png Yes Illager
Cod CodBody.png No Animal
Enchantsmith EnchanterMerchantFace.png No Villager
Gold Axolotl File:GoldAxolotlFace.png No Animal
Jack o' Lantern Dungeons Jack'o'LanternFace.png Yes Natural
Mason VillagerFace.png No Villager
Jellie Cat File:JellieCatFace.png No Animal
Quest Giver QuestGiverFace.png Yes Villager
Salmon SalmonBody.png No Animal
Web Spider WebSpiderFace.png Yes Animal

List of Arcade exclusive mobs[]

Summonable mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Chicken ChickenFace.png No Animal
Fox FoxFace.png No Animal
Goat GoatFace.png No Animal
Ocelot OcelotFace.png No Animal
Panda PandaFace (Dungeons).png No Animal
Pig PigFace.png No Animal
Polar Bear PolarBearFace (Dungeons).png No Animal

Hostile mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Armored Frozen Zombie ArmoredFrozenZombieFace.png Yes Natural
Armored Husk ArmoredHuskFace.png Yes Natural
Armored Jungle Zombie ArmoredJungleZombieFace.png Yes Natural
Armored Mossy Skeleton ArmoredMossySkeletonFace.png Yes Natural
Armored Stray ArmoredStrayFace.png Yes Undead
Giant Royal Guard RoyalGuardFace.png Yes Illager
Mage MageFace.png Yes Illager
Melee Armored Mossy Skeleton MeleeArmoredMossySkeletonFace.gif Yes Natural
Melee Armored Skeleton MeleeArmoredSkeletonFace.gif Yes Undead
Melee Armored Stray MeleeArmoredStrayFace.gif Yes Undead

Boss mobs[]

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Giant Cave Spider GiantCaveSpiderFace.png Yes Animal
Giant Royal Guard GiantRoyalGuardFace.png Yes Illager
Obsidian Monstrosity ObsidianMonstrosityFace.png Yes Golem

Planned mobs[]

The mobs only have their name in the game data file. Unlike unused mobs that have in-game textures, sounds, or appear in the official trailer. All of these mobs are based on mobs from various editions of Minecraft.

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Agent AgentFace.png No Golem
Barnacle MonsterOfTheOceanDepthsFace.jpg No Animal
Donkey DonkeyFace.png No Animal
Ender Dragon EnderdragonFace.png No Animal
Mule MuleFace.png No Animal
NPC NPCFace.png No Villager
Snow Golem SnowGolemFace.png No Golem
Wither WitherFace.png No Undead
Zombie Horse ZombieHorseFace.png No Undead
Zombie Villager ZombieVillagerFace.png No Undead

Mob drops[]

Most mobs always drops experience and souls upon death. They also have a few chance drops being:

Mobs also have a small chance to drop random rarity equipment based on the hero's current level.

Powerful mobs always drop more emeralds upon death, as well as having a chance to drop high rarity equipment.

Bosses always drop emeralds and random rarity equipment upon death.

Ancient mobs always drop random rarity gilded items upon death, and other Ancient Hunt mobs may drop Gold.

Mob related achievements[]

A Friend in Need Ancient Hunter A Taste of Their Own Medicine Blast Radius Break the Spell

Bubble Trouble Chill Out Diamond Sword Giant Slayer Gone Fishin'
Herd Mentality High Treason Homecoming Iceologer's Revenge Jungle Fungus
Leader of the Pack Locally Sourced Passive Aggressive Saved The Overworld Seafood Skewer
Whirlwind Warrior Wooden Sword

See also[]


  • The sound files for behavior animations are known as "Novelty".
  • Armored mobs are classified as "MobVarious2" or "MobVarious3" of a mob instead of "Armored mob" in the game ID. However, in-game, they are separate mobs as seen whenever they spawn enchanted.
  • If a hero's enchantment is used by a mob, some of that enchantment's effects turn it purple (examples are Fire Trail and Poison Cloud).
  • If any mob is thirty two blocks away from the hero, its animation stops to prevent the game from crashing.
  • Unlike the original game, the value of mob damage depends on mob data instead of weapon data. The ranged and melee weapons used by mobs are only a part of render and decoration, and does not cause additional damage to mobs and heroes. For example, axes held by vindicators are renders. Ladles used by vindicator chefs are skins of axes instead of unique items.
  • Bows and crossbows used by mobs do not have any animation when used. However, a hero's bow has a bowstring animation, although there is no arrow on the bowstring when the bow is drawn.


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