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Mission Select
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MISSION SELECT – This helpful map shows you which missions you have completed, or are yet to attempt. Click on a mission to see the level of difficulty, drops you may receive and the Artifacts you could be rewarded with.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

The mission select table, is an object where heroes can select a mission by using the map.


It can be found in the north part of the camp located next to the Village Merchant, Blacksmith and Gift Wrapper. It can also be accessed by pressing the "Map" button (Default M/D-pad Down) while inside the camp. It opens up when you hover your cursor over it. It first appears once you complete Squid Coast and is vital for progressing throughout the rest of the game's story. The map accessible in Minecraft Dungeons is an interface used to travel to all the missions. shows which missions have been completed or have not been attempted. By clicking on a mission, heroes can view the level of difficulty, weapon drops, and artifacts that may be obtained.


The map has three different sections: the Mainland section; the area where the base game's story of the Arch-Illager's downfall takes place. The Island Realms section; the main area in which the first three DLC packs, as well as the fifth, take place. This area contains four islands: Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, and Hidden Depths. Finally, the Other Dimensions section; the area in which DLC packs themed outside the Overworld take place. This area contains locations outside of the Overworld, The Nether and The End. It also has the option to start an Ancient Hunt. The Mainland section has a total of 17 accessible missions, the Island Realms section has a total of thirteen accessible missions, and the Other Dimensions section has a total of eight accessible missions. The Mainland section can be accessed by any player’s hero (excluding The Stronghold), whereas the Island Realms (excluding the Gauntlet of Gales) and Other Dimensions sections can be viewed, but require the purchase of DLC packs in order to access their locations, with the exception of the Ancient Hunt button.


Missions can be travelled to from the map once heroes have reached or returned to the Camp. They do not appear on the map until they are unlocked. Due to the nature of how the missions are unlocked, it is entirely possible to skip missions to complete the main story. There are a maximum of forty five (not including Camp or Squid Coast) playable missions at any given time if all of the secret missions, Daily Trials, and DLCs are available. Each missions contains over 500 mobs (excluding the Squid Coast, which has less than 100 mobs)

There are three main things that can be found in a missions: Consumables, Emeralds, Armor, Artifacts, and Weapons.


Location Minimum Difficulty Unlock Predecessor Content Required Internal Name
Adventure Hub N/A Squid Coast N/A
Tower I Squid Coast N/A
Ancient Hunt I Complete Default V and enter the Nether Cave N/A
??? IV Find the runes in all non-secret missions N/A MooshroomIsland

List of missions[]

Mission Minimum Difficulty Unlock Predecessor Content Required Internal Name
Squid Coast I Starting the Game N/A SquidCoast
Creeper Woods I Squid Coast N/A CreeperWoods
Creepy Crypt II Creeper Woods (Secret) N/A CreepyCrypt
Soggy Swamp I Creeper Woods N/A SoggySwamp
Soggy Cave II Soggy Swamp (Secret) N/A SoggyCave
Pumpkin Pastures I Creeper Woods N/A PumpkinPastures
Arch Haven II Pumpkin Pastures (Secret) N/A ArchHaven
Cacti Canyon II Creeper Woods N/A CactiCanyon
Redstone Mines II Creeper Woods N/A MooncoreCaverns
Fiery Forge III Redstone Mines N/A FieryForge
Desert Temple III Cacti Canyon N/A DesertTemple
Lower Temple IV Desert Temple (secret) N/A LowerTemple
Highblock Halls IV Fiery Forge & Desert Temple N/A HighblockHalls
Underhalls V Highblock Halls (Secret) N/A Underhalls
Obsidian Pinnacle IV Highblock Halls N/A ObsidianPinnacle
The Stronghold III Squid Coast Echoing Void TheStronghold
Island Realms
Dingy Jungle II Squid Coast Jungle Awakens DingyJungle
Overgrown Temple IV Dingy Jungle Jungle Awakens OvergrownTemple
Panda Plateau V Dingy Jungle (Secret) Jungle Awakens BambooBluff
Frosted Fjord II Squid Coast Creeping Winter FrozenFjord
Lone Fortress IV Frosted Fjord Creeping Winter LoneFortress
Lost Settlement V Frosted Fjord (secret) Creeping Winter LostSettlement
Windswept Peaks II Squid Coast Howling Peaks WindsweptPeaks
Gauntlet of Gales III Creeper Woods N/A GauntletofGales
Gale Sanctum IV Windswept Peaks Howling Peaks GaleSanctum
Colossal Rampart V Windswept Peaks (Secret) Howling Peaks EndlessRampart
Coral Rise II Squid Coast Hidden Depths CoralRise
Abyssal Monument IV Coral Rise Hidden Depths AbyssalMonument
Radiant Ravine V Coral Rise (Secret) Hidden Depths RadiantRavine
Other Dimensions
Nether Wastes I Squid Coast Flames of the Nether NetherWastes
Basalt Deltas I Nether Wastes Flames of the Nether BasaltDeltas
Nether Fortress I Basalt Deltas (Secret) Flames of the Nether NetherFortress
Warped Forest I Nether Wastes Flames of the Nether WarpedForest
Crimson Forest I Warped Forest (Secret) Flames of the Nether CrimsonForest
Soul Sand Valley I Crimson Forest (Secret) Flames of the Nether SoulsandValley
End Wilds II The Stronghold Echoing Void EnderWilds
Broken Citadel IV End Wilds Echoing Void EndCitadel & BlightedCitadel

Ancient Hunt[]

Ancient Hunts can be accessed by way of the ancient hunt icon with an enderman face on the Other Dimensions map or through the Nether portal located within the Nether Cave.

Mission Content Required Internal Name
Woodland Mansion N/A WoodlandMansion
Woodland Prison N/A WoodlandPrison
Spider Cave N/A SpiderCave


Some unused missions can be found within the game files. Information about these missions is scant.

Mission Unlock Predecessor Internal Name
Slimy Sewers Desert Temple & Fiery Forge SlimySewers
Netherwart Forest Nether Wastes NetherwartForest
Scorched Crags Nether Wastes ScorchedCrags
Treetop Tangle Unknown TreetopTangle


These missions may have been available in the game or the files at one point, but removed in a later update.

Mission Internal Name
Sub Endcity Sub_Endcity


Mission map
Nether mission map
Start game
Start game alt
Mission play
Loading screen
Mission start
Objective start
Objective small update
Objective update small right
Objective complete
Objective freed
Mission finished
Mission end victory crown
Post mission
Post mission stinger

Data values[]

  • In the game files, the mission select table is referred to internally by the name MapTable.


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaThe Creeper Woods, Creepy Crypt and Pumpkin Pastures are now accessible. Mainland missions are now accessible (except for the Stronghold}. Jungle Awakens missions are now accessible.
The Lower Temple is now accessible. Creeping Winter missions are now accessible. Dingy Jungle's and Frosted Fjord's unlock predecessor from Obsidian Pinnacle to Squid Coast Howling Peaks missions are now accessible. Flames of the Nether missions are now accessible.
All Ancient Hunt missions are now accessible within the Nether Cave.
Defined Pumpkin Pastures, Soggy Swamp, Redstone Mines, Fiery Forge, Desert Temple, Obsidian Pinnacle, ???, Overgrown Temple, Frosted Fjord, Lone Fortress, and Gale Sanctum explicitly as boss missions.
Changed Arch Haven and Soggy Cave scrolls to always appear in their respective predecessor locations. However, the Arch Haven scroll does not appear in this new mission due to a bug. Arch Haven scroll now always appears in its predecessor mission. Hidden Depths missions are now accessible. Echoing Void missions are now accessible.
The Gauntlet of Gales is now accessible. Tower is now accessible.


  • A small pixelated version of the Mainland map can be seen when hovering the pointer over the map in the Camp.