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A mini boss is a mob that is stronger than most mobs. Mini bosses use bossbars, like bosses, although their bossbars are smaller. The mobs in bold can also spawn as bosses. The chance of a mob to be replaced by a mini boss is 1%.[verify] There are mobs that can be defined as mini bosses, but don't use a boss bar, like the Rampart Captain.


Mainland mini bosses[edit]

DLC mini bosses[edit]

  • Illusioner - Illager spell-caster and magical archer, that summons illusions of itself, spawns as a mini boss and boss in the Lost Settlement and the Frosted Fjord and a mini-boss in the Lone Fortress. They also spawn in the Howling Peaks levels. When encountered as a miniboss, this music plays: Evoker. This miniboss uses the same boss music as the Evoker.
  • Ghast - Much more powerful then it’s base game variant. Attacks by shooting fireballs. Spawns as a boss in the Basalt Deltas and Crimson Forest and can appear as a mini-boss in those same levels. When encountered as a miniboss, this music plays: Ghast.