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The Illagers raided the land. Who would have the valor, the purity of heart. to stand against the Arch-Illager's reign of terror? Well, not that one. But maybe... you?

Minecraft Dungeons Opening Cinematic

The Mainland in Minecraft Dungeons is a small continent where the main story takes place. It has a very diverse landscape with many biomes, some of which are not in the base game. Each individual biome has its own mission, which can have exclusive mobs that only spawn in that location. The hero will shelter themselves in a Camp near the coastline as they progress through the world. Two daily trials will also appear in the mainland map along with the other levels. The heroes will have to travel across this vast land in order to stop the Illagers and destroy the Orb of Dominance.

Languages: English.

The pre-Stronghold and Tower map of the Mainland in Minecraft Dungeons excluding the mission icons.

The pre-Stronghold and Tower mission progression in the Mainland, including the Daily Trials.


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A Village Under Attack[]

After learning about the Arch-Illager's chaos, the heroes begin their journey at the Squid Coast, where they have to travel through a burning village whose inhabitants have been captured by the Illagers.

A Journey Begins...[]

The heroes then progress onward north into the Creeper Woods, a dark forest where a caravan of the captive villagers are located. They free the villagers as well as a village merchant from being used as a labor force. The heroes also begin hearing of a crypt beneath the woods.

The Forsaken Undercroft[]

The heroes then go to a huge, Crypt to double-check if they cleared out every Illager from the woods. Upon clearing out the crypt, the heroes find a tome within it that they decide to take with them.

A Perilous Potion[]

After clearing the crypt, the heroes then head to the Swamp south of the Creeper Woods, known as the Soggy Swamp. There, they brave the horrors of the swamp to stop the local Witches and Slimes from supplying the Arch-Illager with brewed potions, as well as saving another villager along the way. While the heroes are escaping, the Arch-Illager attempts to slow them down with a cauldron-like golem corrupted by the Orb of Dominance.

The Lost Ruins[]

After defeating and destroying the Cauldron, the heroes decide to loot a nearby Cave, claiming all of its treasures for themselves before the Arch-Illager can do so himself.

The Last Homely Hearth[]

Leaving the Soggy Swamp, the heroes make their way to the Pumpkin Pastures, an autumn-like biome where they fight through various Illagers in order to reach the last remaining village, saving a mysterious merchant in the process. Upon reaching the village, the heroes arrive just in time to defend the villagers against a massive raid. After the Illagers are defeated, the heroes and the villagers hold a celebration in the town hall. In the celebration, the heroes reveal to the villagers that during chaos of the raid, they discovered a scroll leading to an outpost used by the Arch-Illager. They quickly decide to set him back considerably by stealing his plans.

A Hidden Stash[]

The heroes launch an assault on the outpost, breaching the gates while keeping their foes at bay. After stealing the three spell scrolls in the outpost, the heroes escape into a cave, and finding an exit in the form of a ship.

Lost In A Sea of Sand[]

After raiding the outpost, the heroes make their way towards a large dry landscape, hoping to get to an ancient temple, while braving the dangerous mobs inhabiting the region. Failing to breach the temple’s defenses, but freeing a luxurious merchant, the heroes retreat back the way they came and decide to free the rest of the enslaved villagers.

The End of The Line[]

In the process of learning where the villagers are being kept, They discover the source of the Illager’s power: the redstone within the Mooncore Caverns. Upon raiding the mines, the heroes free the rest of the villagers, including the village blacksmith; they come to blows with a monstrous Redstone Golem, yet they prevail, leaving the mines in ruins.

Monstrosities of War[]

They then continue their successful victories, heading for the Fiery Forge, an Illager weapons and armor factory within a snowy mountain. There, they come face to face with the Arch-Illager’s most terrifying redstone creation: The Redstone Monstrosity. Upon the destruction of the forge, the heroes receive information that the Arch-Illager is planning a raid on the ancient temple.

The Nameless Kingdom[]

The heroes then decide to once more attempt to breach the Desert Temple to prevent the Arch-Illager from controlling an undead army. Inside the temple, the heroes encounter the Nameless One, the leader of the remnant of a long forgotten kingdom, as seen by the undead army that lurks within the walls of the temple. Upon facing the Nameless One, the heroes fight against the leader and its Skeletal bodyguards to take its magical staff.

Tombs Unknown[]

Once the staff and the Nameless One are destroyed, the heroes make their way deeper into the temple to seek out any remaining undead and Illagers while simultaneously searching for a way back out to ground level. A while after reaching the surface, the heroes begin hearing rumors of the Arch-Illager hosting a grand banquet within Highblock Keep to celebrate recent victories, such as the death of the Nameless One.

Crashing The Party![]

The heroes begin to realize that this is their opportunity to turn the tide of the conflict. They immediately set out to do just that: strike while the Illagers are all in one place. Luckily for the heroes, no Illager was directly guarding the front gates of the keep, so it was easy for them to breach the halls. Now that the heroes were inside of the abhorrent abode of the Arch-Illager, it was now only a matter of crashing the Illager’s banquet and confronting the Arch-Illager on his grand throne. The heroes made their way through the impressive halls, defeating all the evil foes in their path. The heroes narrowly survived being massacred in the Courtyard by the remnant of the Nameless One’s army. Although the well that they fled down was indeed a trap laid by an Evoker, it lead the heroes straight to the kitchens where the banquet was being prepared. The heroes wasted no time in leaping into the kitchens, taking out three buffet tables before the chefs were able to begin attacking them. From then on, everything was a breeze, and before the heroes knew it, they were approaching the grand throne of the Arch-Illager. For a few heartbeats, the Arch-Illager looked at them as if he never imagined they would get this far, and for a split second to the heroes, it looked as if he was contemplating surrendering to them. But alas, after the orb on his staff hummed, the Arch-Illager rose off his throne, towering over the heroes. He raised his staff and teleported away. At the same time, enemies of all types appear to swarm around the heroes: Illagers, MCD:Undead, Creepers, Arthropods, and Golems. It was all a blur, every second of the battle, and as the heroes overcame the last of their foes, a pathway behind the Arch-Illager’s grand throne opened up. Now, all that was left for the heroes to do was to finish this: to pursue the Arch-Illager to one of the two places he could have fled to.

Under Lock And Key[]

Naturally the heroes assume the most logical conclusion: that the Arch-Illager would have fled southward towards the dungeons and cellars of Highblock Keep hoping for a way out, as opposed to the alternative: cornering himself at the very top of the keep. So that’s what the heroes did. They breached the dungeons of the castle, only to find no sign of the Arch-Illager. At that point, the heroes were glad, as now that they knew that the Arch-Illager had cornered himself in the highest tower of the castle, it was time to make sure that his reign of terror ended that night.

The Eye of The Storm[]

The heroes raged through the pinnacle, fighting off the last of the remnant of those still loyal to the Arch-Illager. As the heroes relentlessly fought to reach the highest pinnacle of the castle, they spied many abandoned half completed creations of the Arch-Illager. Among them was a bent over monstrous pile of obsidian and stone. The heroes paid it no amount of attention as they were focused on one task and one task only. At last, the heroes had made it at last to the very top of the pinnacle where they found themselves face-to-face once more with the Arch-Illager. With no where left to flee, the heroes and the Arch-Illager came to blows. Yet the heroes relentless pursuit paid off as the moment the Orb-staff was knocked away during the fight, the Arch-Illager was beaten and he knew he was, for he had no more allies left, save for one that he did not know was not defeated. As the heroes towered over him while approaching him, a low sounding hum swarmed around the four heroes and the Arch-Illager. The heroes had no idea what was about to happen, yet they stood their ground, prepared to face off whatever the Arch-Illager’s Orb was doing. And then the heroes saw the Arch-Illager being lifted off his feet with a shocked and confused shout. It was only then at that moment when the heroes finally understood. Yes, the Arch-Illager did cause countless fatalities to Villagers and Illagers alike. Yes, the Arch-Illager did ravage and spoil the land. Yet while the Arch-Illager was in no way going to be excused of those actions, whatever his supposed ally was about to do to him was bound to be worse than anything the heroes would do. The next few seconds were a blur, and both the Arch-Illager and the Orb were no where to be seen, for in their place was something. This thing bore a slight resemblance to an Enderman, but it was not one, and the more the heroes thought for those few seconds, the harder they looked, and the closer they came to a horrible realization. Within this orb thing was an outline of a purple shape resembling the Arch-Illager. It was that one moment that everything made sense to the heroes. Just that one moment was all the heroes needed to realize that the four of them and the Arch-Illager were one and the same: the five of them were all pawns in this Orb thing’s plans and schemes. Against a thing like that, there was no standing in its way. Whatever it was, There was only one thing left that the heroes could do. One thing at all, and it was not even a chance at success. While there was nothing that could stop a monster like this thing, the heroes were sure not going to go down and surrender the Overworld without a fight, even if it was a fight that would end in their demise and sacrifices. The heroes charged the Orb entity, never looking back as the Orb thing swarmed all around them. Many of the lesser pinnacles around the fight collapsed against the corrupted beams of this Orb entity while the sky bathed in purple flame. Hours passed as Highblock Keep was torn asunder around the pinnacle atop which they fought on. At no point would either the heroes nor the Orb relent. At last, just when the golden beams of the sun heralded a new day, the Orb entity very slightly loosened up its fight, for it believed it was nearing its victory and the Arch-Illager still had a tiny bit of control over the Orb. The heroes did not waste their chance. Though tired and out of breath, the heroes seized upon the opportunity provided by the Arch-Illager and fought back with all their spirit and all their will. For the first time in all its existence, the Orb was desperate, desperate for its own existence to continue, even if that meant sacrificing its Heart of Ender form to it’s enemies. In other words, the Orb gave up to fight another day and as the heroes swung, beat, shot, bashed, and stabbed at the Orb entity, there was a blinding slow flash of white light and a terrible screeching humming sound erupted from the Orb. Before the heroes could regain their bearings, the Orb entity was gone and in its place was a strange void-like trail. With everything that just happened the night before, the heroes had to make sure that their ethereal foe was gone for good. At the end of the trail, was the Arch-Illager. However, it was a strange sight that confused the heroes for a few moments. His once tall golden crown lay shattered on the top of the last pinnacle remaining atop Highblock Keep. The Illager (Archie) who had once been known as the menacing, ruthless, and terrifying Arch-Illager, fought with all of his remaining energy to keep ahold of the very Orb that drove him to do the things he did. Yet from one look at his eyes, the heroes knew that the Arch-Illager was dead and the Illager that stood before them had killed him and was free from his influence. In that moment of triumph, the Orb hummed so loud it sizzled and cracks began to form in its surface. Moments later, the Orb burst apart, sending four shards very far out of sight. The remaining shards scattered all over the pinnacle. It was then that the heroes decided to approach the Illager with an offer of helping him heal the hurts of the world as well as to make up for everything he did as the Arch-Illager. However, because heroes and Illagers did not share a language, Archie mistook the heroes’s shadows towering over him as a sign of the fight not being over. Archie leaned back, trying to move as far back as possible from his potential murderers. One of the heroes leaned towards him and Archie looked away, shielding himself with his arm as he waited for the sword that never came. Archie opened his eyes and lowered his arm, to see something he never thought he would see. A hero leaning towards him with an arm waiting to help him up. The bright rays of the sun illuminated the outlines of the heroes. For the first time in a long time, tears of joy oozed out from Archie’s eyes as he accepted the arm.

The End...Or The Beginning?[]

After the Arch-Illager was freed, the heroes realized that four shards have been launched out of sight. What they didn't know was that the rest of the Overworld was now in danger, as the shards have landed in a small archipelago made up of three island realms: a small jungle, a tundra, and a tall mountain. The fourth shard landed inside a nearby oceanic trench. All four areas were corrupted by the shards. Thus, the heroes set out from the Mainland to free the island realms from the corruption.

The runes[]

The heroes have realized that there was a cathedral at the Camp they were residing at. Inside the church were clues that involved the locations the heroes just explored. And next to the images was a board with 10 squares, each one with rune-like characters. One was already lit up. It was then realized that there were runes scattered throughout the Mainland, coincidentally all of them in the areas the heroes went through in their journey to stop the Arch-Illager. To find the runes, they had to run through all the locations in the Mainland to collect the runes. Once they got all the runes, they were placed on the board, and the rest of the characters lit up. After this, a scroll was placed in front of the heroes. It lead to an island that the heroes had no idea even existed, just north of the Creeper Woods. Wasting no time, they traveled through the Creeper Woods and rafted to the unknown island to see what was there...


The heroes arrive at the island marked by the scroll, a small, mushroom-infested island with strange cows. The heroes look around the island, a while before realizing the cow-like creatures were hostile. After defending themselves from the hordes of cows that charged at the heroes, they were able to make it to the edge of the island. Lying right there, in the middle of the area was a Redstone Monstrosity. The machine looked different though, as it had a duller color and had mushrooms growing out of it. It awakened from the sudden movements around it, and they began to fight, the monstrosity itself calling in mooshrooms to assist it. After the monstrosity was felled, the heroes ran as fast as they ran to the shore and rafted back to the Mainland, hopefully never to set foot on that island again.

After the Island Realms and the Flames of the Nether[]

A Forgotten Portal[]

While the heroes were at the small archipelago, the final shards of dominance felt the destruction of the other four shards. Somehow, it remained hidden from its enemies, maybe for the best. It managed to outlive the other shards of its being, but it was a matter of time before they came for it. The sound…the sound of stone being moved. Yes, they received its message. Light shines in as two endermen moved aside the bricks that had once made up the ramparts of the Obsidian Pinnacle, beholding the sight of the last remaining shards. As one enderman grabbed the shards, the time finally came. To the beginning…the two endermen took the remnant of the Orb directly to The Stronghold. The beginning from which it came, the beginning from which it lived. To the beginning…the endermen approached the end portal. After the two vanished through the portal, several endermites and six endersent emerged, creeping up from the portal, determined to protect the pathway to their master. To the beginning…the time has come to go to the End. Finally, after countless millennia, the orb was home. Its imperfected form may not be much, but it would do for now.

To hinder potential resistance from the heroes, the orb commanded the six endersent it had sent to the Overworld to take six Ender Eyes from the stronghold and prevent the heroes from entering the End dimension. The endersent obeyed, hiding the six eyes around the mainland. To discourage rebellion among the villagers, the endersent took five hostages who they held captive within the stronghold. The endersent took to ruling the mainland from six individual locations. The Spiked Eye took residence within a cave in the Creeper Woods. The Blight Eye dwelt within some ruins among the witches of the Soggy Swamp. The Savage Eye oppressed the villagers of the Pumpkin Pastures from a nearby abandoned settlement. The Binding Eye made its abode within an ancient temple in the Cacti Canyon. The Reaping Eye made alliances with the necromancers of the Nameless Kingdom, dwelling within the depths of the Desert Temple. The final endersent, the Ravenous Eye went hiding in the ruins of Highblock Halls . By the time the heroes returned from the island realms, the mainland that they put all of their effort in to free it was now under the grip of the six endersent. Fueling with vengeance, the heroes set out to free the mainland once more. After defeating the six endersent, the heroes ventured to the near island which harbored The Stronghold that they sought after, yet unfortunately, the orb had sensed its best endersent being slain by those heroes, and prepared for their coming. Upon entering the stronghold, the heroes were met with an infestation of all manner of foul creatures, both new and old. Pushing through the horde of enemies, the heroes reached the Portal, activating it with the Eyes of Ender, then immediately entered The End to put an end to the Orb of Dominance once and for all.

Secret Missions[]


At some points throughout the heroes journey, the heroes came upon multiple secret runes within a variety of places. These runes granted the four of them access to a scroll within a hidden room inside of the church within the camp. The scroll lead them to a secret Mooshroom Island, where they encountered the fierce and slow hordes of cows corrupted by mushrooms as well as coming to the horrifying discovery that there once existed other, more greater, monstrosities besides the one made by the Arch-Illager. With a great and valiant effort, the heroes manage to vanquish the corrupted monstrosity before them, leaving the island through a field of flowers.