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Enchantment common icon.png Common

Applicable to

Melee weapon



Stack method


Stack effect

+% increased chance

Increases the chance for mobs to drop consumables.

In-game description

Looting is an enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons that increases the chance for mobs to drop consumables (Apples, Bread, Pork, Melons (Jungle Awakens only), Salmon (Creeping Winter only), Sweet Berries (Howling Peaks only), TNT, Strength Potions, Swiftness Potions, Oakwood Brews (Jungle Awakens only), Sweet Brews (Creeping Winter only), Dense Brews (Howling Peaks only) and Shadow Brews). The chance increases by 100% with each tier.


Tier Effect Cost
I +100% increased chance 1 Enchantment Point
II +200% increased chance 2 Enchantment Points
III +300% increased chance 3 Enchantment Points


Any melee weapon enchanted with Looting grants the ability to sometimes drop consumables after killing a mob. The chances increase with each tier with the highest being 300% increased chances. Looting triggers on any kill made by the player who is enchanted with Looting.

Items naturally with this enchantment[edit]


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaLooting.png Added Looting. triggers regardless of damage source. Previously only triggered on melee kills.