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This article is about the Minecraft Dungeons artifact. For the new 1.17 block, see Lightning Rod.
Lightning Rod
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Crafted by Illager Geomancers, this item is enchanted with the power of a storming sky.

In-game description

LIGHTNING ROD – This magical staff allows the wielder to cause bolts of lightning to strike an area, causing damage and expending souls. It is said to have been crafted by Geomancers in an attempt to harness the power of the sky.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

A lightning rod is an artifact in Minecraft Dungeons that when activated, a bolt of lightning strikes an area around the hero after a short delay.


Listed difficulties are considered to be the minimum difficulty the item is obtainable on unless stated otherwise.



When used, lightning rods shoot lightning on a nearby mob, damaging it and the mobs around it.

Lightning rods have a two second cooldown, +1 soul gathering, and requires fifteen souls to activate. Equipment that increases Artifact Damage, such as the Souldancer Robe, Splendid Robe, and Cave Crawler affect the amount of damage dealt.

The damage range depends on the item's power.


Power Min. Damage Max. Damage
1 60 artifact damage 60 artifact damage
37 372 artifact damage 372 artifact damage
109 19400 artifact damage 19400 artifact damage
111 23147 artifact damage 23147 artifact damage
112 24202 artifact damage 24914 artifact damage
113 25631 artifact damage 25980 artifact damage
114 26066 artifact damage 26440 artifact damage
  • +1 Soul Gathering
  • Requires Souls


Lightning Strike


Minecraft Dungeons
Sept 29, 2018Lightning rods were first revealed in the Minecraft Dungeons announcement trailer.
June 9, 2019A lightning rod was shown off in the Minecraft Dungeons gameplay trailer.
Dungeons BetaLightning Rod Artifact.pngAdded lightning rods. cost from 10 to 15.
Added cooldown for 2 seconds.
Increased radius from 300 to 350.
Increased damage from 30 damage per soul to 60 damage per soul.
Max damage also effectively increased by 50% due to damage being damage per soul.
Removed variable soul cost.