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Life Boost
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Each time you expend a life, your maximum health increases.

In-game description

Life Boost is a new armor enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons added within the Howling Peaks DLC where if the player dies, the player's maximum health is increased.


Tier Effect Cost
I 11% extra health 1 Enchantment Point
II 22% extra health 2 Enchantment Points
III 33% extra health 3 Enchantment Points


Any armor enchanted with Life Boost allows extra health to be added after the player dies. The amount of health added after death is increased by tier with the highest being 33% extra health added.


  • There is a glitch with the Life Boost enchantment, triggering when players only have one life, where if a mob is killed, the player gains more health and never loses it, however this was patched.