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Note: Test if the enchantment can affect multiple mobs.
Levitation Shot
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Powerful Powerful

Applicable to

Ranged weapon



After rolling, your next attack will cause the target to levitate briefly.

In-game description

Levitation Shot is an enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons added in the update that causes mobs to float and take fall damage after being shot.


Tier Effect Cost
I 100% fall damage 2 Enchantment Point
II 200% fall damage 3 Enchantment Points
III 300% fall damage 4 Enchantment Points


Any ranged weapon enchanted with Levitation Shot causes mobs that got shot to levitate briefly and take fall damage after the player does a roll. The chance of fall damage increases per tier with the highest being 300% fall damage.

Note: It can only affect a single mob even when hitting multiple with Multishot/Chain Reaction. It's not known if the same is true for the Winter's Touch/Snow Bow or Scatter Crossbow/Harp Crossbow/Lightning Harp Crossbow


  • When a ranged mob is enchanted with Levitation Shot, it appears without a space, only showing 'LevitationShot'.