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This article is about the enchanting mechanic in Minecraft Dungeons. For the locations that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Locations.

The level and Experience Bar on the HUD

LEVEL AND EXPERIENCE – Tracks how close you are to reaching the next level and unlocking upgrades or rewards.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

The term level and experience refers to the value that represents the total number of Enchantment Points Enchantment Points the player possesses. All heroes start at Level 1 with 0 Enchantment points.


Level and Experience Bar in the inventory

Mobs upon being defeated, by any method, drop green experience cubes that automaticity attract towards player's character from any distance. These cubes increase the total experience the character possesses and fills the level and experience bar - a visual representation of experience required to achieve the next level.
During multiplayer sessions, all characters receive the same quantity of experience.

Amount of experience dropped is dependent upon the Mob defeated and the Difficulty & Threat Level a mission is set at, rather than the character's power - making power-levelling effectively possible in multiplayer. Higher difficulties reward more experience.Picking up emeralds also increase the experience bar.

Each level has an assigned experience threshold - The minimum experience required to achieve the level.
When the hero gains sufficient experience to exceed the level threshold, filling the experience bar, a Level Up animation is played, an Enchantment Point is obtained, the experience bar clears, and the Health of all characters are restored back to full.

The experience threshold to gain a level follows the formula:

where x=Level and y=Total experience Required

MCD Level Graph.png

Notable values:

  • Level 10 requires 26,100 Experience total
  • Level 50 requires 730,100 Experience total
  • Level 100 requires 2,960,100 Experience total
  • Level 2981 requires 2,664,716,000 Experience total
  • Enchanting non-gilded gear with three enhancement slot with:
    • common enchantments requires Level 19 (18 , 100,800 Experience total)
    • powerful enchantments requires Level 28 (27 , 240,800 Experience total)
  • To enchant a single Armor, Melee Weapon, and Ranged Weapon item completely with powerful enchantments requires Level 82 (81 , 1,984,500 Experience total)

While there is no specific level cap in Minecraft Dungeons, a visual limit occurs at Level 2981 where the level will revert back to 1 and resume counting from there. The experience required still increases beyond the visual limit - This could, unofficially, be interpreted as a prestige Level 1.

hero experience and thus Level decreases when spending Enchantment Points on the Ancient Hunts. This ensures that enchantment points are not harder to obtain the more the hero spends them.

Enchantment point[]

A Minecraft Dungeons enchantment point

ENCHANTMENT POINTS – Enchantments power up your gear with special effects. You buy them with Enchantment Points, which are another form of currency. You'll earn an Enchantment Point each time you level up. Look for this purple icon on your screen to see how many you have.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

The term enchantment point refers to a currency that can be applied onto weapons and armor to activate enchantments and can be permanently spent on Ancient Hunts to increase the chance for an Ancient Mob to spawn within the hunt.

Enchantment points can be retrieved from enchanted equipment by:


Enchantment Point Gained
Enchantment Point Lost


Level Up
Level Up Glitter
Level Up Lovika
Minecraft Level Up


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