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An item is an object that can be picked up by a player. There are multiple types of items, including weapons, armors, and artifacts. Some items are exclusively used by mobs, such as the Vindicator Chef's ladle in the Highblock Halls and the Mountaineer Pick used by Mountaineers in the Howling Peaks DLC.


Equippable, enchantable items obtained throughout the game are collectively known as Gear in Minecraft Dungeons and are sub-categorised as Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and Armor. Gear can appear with one of three rarities: Common, Rare, and Unique. Additionally, gear can also appear with labels such as being Gifted, if obtained from another player via the Gift Wrapper, or Gilded.

Currently, there are a total of 206 known items in the game, 198 of which are currently obtainable. This includes 110 Uniques. The highest currently known power level is 256.

Melee weapons[edit]

Main article: Weapons

Melee weapons are gear that can be used to damage nearby entities. There are currently 71 known melee weapons, of which 69 are obtainable. This includes 47 Uniques, of which 46 are obtainable.

Ranged weapons[edit]

Main article: Weapons

Ranged weapons are weapons that can be used to damage entities from a distance away. Each use consumes 1 arrow. If the arrow hits a wall, they will disappear within 10 seconds. There are currently 59 known ranged weapons, all of which are obtainable. This includes 39 Uniques.


Main article: Armor

Armors are used to increase the player's maximum health and provide additional benefits. There are currently 55 known armors, 54 of which are obtainable. This includes 30 Uniques, 29 of which are obtainable.


Main article: Artifact

Artifacts are items that let the player temporarily summon pets, enhance or heal themselves, or attack and weaken mobs. The player can equip three Artifacts at any given time. Similar to gear, artifacts can appear with one of three rarites: Common, Rare, and Unique. Additionally, artifacts can also appear with the Gifted label, if obtained from another player via the Gift Wrapper.

There are currently 34 known artifacts. This includes a single Unique, the Corrupted Pumpkin. All are obtainable except for the Totem of Soul Protection.


Main article: Consumable
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Consumables are dropped items that are immediately "consumed" upon clicking on it. This includes food, potions, and ammo. These items do not go into the Inventory and are not retained after completing a dungeon. Consumables can be dropped by mobs, certain enchantments or chests.


Food gives the player Regeneration and, in some cases, an additional positive Status Effect for a set duration. The Regeneration effects can be stacked, but the duration does not.


Main article: Potions

Potions provide the player its respective positive Status Effect for a set duration upon consumption.


Consumables that reside within the Quiver slot of the Heads-up Display and deplete when pressing the Ranged Attack Button.


Main article: Cosmetic

Equippable items that provide no functional benefit to the Player. Obtainable through purchasing paid DLC packs or, in the case of Baby Pig and the Sinister Blue Cape, free as a part of celebrations.


Capes appear on the back on a player and rise during player movement.


Pets are invincible mobs that move alongside the player, teleporting when too far, and ignores other mobs.


Collected throughout the game, currencies are used to purchase gear from camp merchants or activate certain aspects of the game.


Players have the ability to salvage old weapons, armor, and artifacts to obtain emeralds and used enchantment points.

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