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Remember The Orb of Dominance? If you don’t, no biggie. It was just one of the most powerful and wicked artifacts the Overworld had ever seen, until some brave players managed to sell it to the Wandering Trader destroy it. Turns out that, even in broken form, the Orb of Dominance still has some of that dominance in it.

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The Island Realms is the term used to refer to the four DLC islands that are located far away from the Mainland. Most of these missions are part of the paid DLC, but some, like the Gauntlet of Gales, are free. These islands were originally peaceful, being located far away from the unrest of the Mainland. But this changed after the Orb of Dominance was destroyed, as the remaining shards from the Orb landed on these offshore islands and brought with it its corruption. Soon, the islands fell to the Orb's corruption with many creatures being created in its quest to regain its power. All four of these islands are now heavily corrupted by the shards and it is the player's job to bring it to an end. One daily trial will appear on each island along with the other levels.

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Jungle Awakens Island[]

The Jungle Awakens island

The first shard fell on an island that was a lush Jungle filled with many plants and creatures and features a stunning lively landscape with lots of Jungle trees and bamboo. There is also an ancient temple on the island. When the Orb shard reached the island, there were no victims to fall for its trap, so it began creating its own mobs using the various foliage of the Jungle. At first, it was only in the form of Quick Growing Vines and Poison-Quill Vines. But as the shard began to build up more power, it created a monster to rule the Jungle and spread its powers, the Jungle Abomination. Using the Abomination to its advantage, it began creating tougher and more advanced mobs like the Leapleaf and the Whisperer. This island is known as the Jungle Awakens island.

Entangled In Vines[]

Protect The Pandas[]

Tangle In The Temple[]

Creeping Winter Island[]

The Creeping Winter island

The second shard fell on a forested island which featured a village on the shore, a village on an ice wall, and a large fortress between them. This shard was somewhat bigger and unlike the one that was in the Jungle, this shard managed to find its own victim, a local wraith. It then began controlling the Wraith the same way it controlled Archie, telling it to do what it commands in order to gain total control and power. This Wraith was made to cover the island in a permanent layer of ice and snow. As the dreaded winter continued, the island began to grow Spruce trees and started seeing arctic wildlife like Polar Bears and Snowy Foxes inhabit it. The Wraith grew a crown of ice on its hands and gained an ice crown in which the Orb rests. It became known as the Wretched Wraith, and it homed itself inside of the now ruined fortress. This island is known as the Creeping Winter island.

The Winding Wintry Path[]

Cold And Alone[]

Snowflake In A Blizzard[]

Howling Peaks Island[]

The Howling Peaks island

The third shard fell on an island mountain which featured various emerald/jade-themed structures and a temple-like building at the top. Like with Creeping Winter, this shard managed to find its victim, which was the Ancient Tempest Golem. It gave the Tempest Golem wind powers that allowed it to use powerful winds against its enemies. It then used its wind powers to summon more {{DuEntityLink|Squall Golem|Squall Golems and other wind mobs like the Wind Caller, and began producing windstorms that engulfed the whole mountain. This island is known as the Howling Peaks island.

Storm At The Summit[]

A Temple Atop The Peaks[]

A Daunting Gauntlet[]

Formidable Fortifications[]

Hidden Depths Island[]

The Hidden Depths island

The fourth shard dove into an ocean surrounded by islands with an underwater monument deep under the depths of the ocean. Like with Howling Peaks and Creeping Winter, this shard also managed to find a victim, the victim being an Elder Guardian. The elder guardian then started adding more pressure to the ocean which started to corrupt the depths. After some time, it started getting larger and got a more End-like appearance. This island is known as the Hidden Depths island.

Danger In The Corals[]

Sunken Sprawl[]

Undersea Oasis[]


Jungle Awakens[]

Abomination Domination Jungle Fungus Leader of
the Pack
Pandamonium Survival Skills

Creeping Winter[]

Chill Out Frozen Fists Lone Champion Lost in the Snow Smooth Operator

Howling Peaks[]

A Taste of
Their Own Medicine
Dress for Success Giant Slayer Herd Mentality Rampart Rampage Taming the Storm Whirlwind Warrior Wooly Wisdom Post Post Apocalypse Repeat Customer

Hidden Depths[]



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