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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC. 
This article is about mini-boss in Minecraft Dungeons. For the unused mob in Java Edition, see Illusioner.
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Natural equipment

An illusioner, also known as an illusionist, is a powerful illager found in the Creeping Winter DLC, the Howling Peaks DLC and the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. When spawned, the evoker boss soundtrack plays.


Illusioners are illagers that look very different from illusioners in the base game. Instead of a blue cloak, it wears a dark purple cloak and hood with dark outlines on the edges. It also has pink eyes, which makes its eyes comparatively brighter than that of the other illagers. Under its cloak is leather clothing, and it wears a belt with an iron buckle and a leather bag behind it. It also wears dark boots and is smaller than the evoker.



Illusioners have four different behaviors.

Summon blind

Illusioners cast 10 seconds of blindness on the hero. While blinded, attacks will have a 50% chance to miss and they will emit a black mist over their head.

Bow action clone

Illusioner duplicates constantly fire arrows at the hero, that deal a small amount of damage on impact.

Bow action

The real illusioner shoots a blue with black stripe explosive arrow that is similar to the fireworks arrow and deals much more damage then the arrows shot by the duplicates.


After teleporting, the real illusioner will use a random attack, before teleporting and creating more duplicates.

Illusion (conjectural)

The illusioner would summon multiple illusioner clones.

Illusioner clone[]

Illusioner Clone
Illusioner (Dungeons).pngIllusioner Aiming (Dungeons).png


Natural equipment

An illusioner clone is an illusion of the illusioner.


Share same render with illusioner. Turn to a purple smoke upon death.


Unlike their base game counterparts, these duplicates can be killed separately. If no hero is nearby when this ability is used, the illusioner and its duplicates will not appear until a hero gets close. When the real illusioner is attacked or a certain amount of time passes, all of the duplicates would disappear any and new ones appear shortly after.


Power Min health
1 288
4 489.6
10 777.6
16 1180.8
22 1584
27 2131.2
33 2851.2
39 3686.4
45 4723.2
51 6076.8
56 8236.8
62 11174.4
68 15091.2
74 19382.4
80 24883.2
86 31939.2
91 43488
97 59011.2
103 79948.8



Illusioner theme
Illusioner Theme End


Death (clone)
Death (real)
Prepare blind
Prepare mirror
Illusioner death scream (imitation)
Illusioner death scream (imitation) merge with death sounds.

Clone arrows[]

Arrow impact normal
Arrow impact normal (updated)

Fireworks arrow[]

Large Blast


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaIllusioner (Dungeons).pngAdded the illusioner. is now available to the game. explosive arrow damage 200 -> 275.
Increased illusion arrow damage 20 -> 30.
Reduced health 3200 -> 1800.
Increased ranged max attacks to issue in a row to 2. This makes the illusioner take 2 shots from the same position in a row, allowing you to dodge the first shot, and exploit a small window of opportunity.
Increased cast blind cooldown to 30s.
Increased blind effect to 10s.
Increased illusion lifetime 4s -> 7s.
Reduced ranged attack cooldown 5s -> 2.2s.
Reduced min-distance to flee 350 -> 150.
Miss effect causes a 25% chance to hit, instead of 50%.

Data value[]

  • In the game files, the clone's arrow is known Internally as the Illusioner_Arrow.
  • The texture in the game files is known as illusionistJasper.


  • The illusioner and its duplicates sometimes have different sounds. The real illusioner's death sounds are also distorted and slowed, unlike the original.
  • When the illusioner is dying, the music stops and plays a ghost screaming with death sounds, which resembles evoker's death scream but much higher pitched.


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