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This article is about the mob type in Minecraft Dungeons. For the original Minecraft antagonistic variant of the villager, see Illager.

An Illager is a type of mob that makes up the majority of the Arch-Illager's followers and minions. They appear in every level except ???, Jungle Awakens and the Flames of the Nether.


The Illagers were once members of a cruel society in which the strong rule over all. Until the Arch-Illager came along, they were never strong enough to pose a threat to the peace of the Overworld. Nowadays, illagers are stronger, villages are destroyed and Iron Golems are defeated, Villagers are enslaved and killed, causing destruction and woe. Illagers make up the Illager empire, under the rule of the Arch-Illager.The player must defeat the illagers and save the villages and their world...

Mobs List[edit]

Creeping Winter DLC Only[edit]

  • Iceologer — An illager that summons blocks of ice that drop on players.
  • Illusioner — An illager spellcaster that attacks by creating illusions of itself and shooting the player. It, like the evoker but with more health (less after, despite being slightly smaller, is a miniboss and is a Boss in the Frosted Fjord and the Lost Settlement

Howling Peaks DLC Only[edit]

Illager's Allies (Non-Illager)[edit]

  • Witch — Witches aren't real illagers but they work for the Arch-Illager anyway for potion supplies.

Mobs Created By The Illagers (Non-Illager)[edit]

  • Redstone Golem — Not an illager but the primary war machine of the illagers that is made within the Fiery Forge.
  • Redstone Monstrosity — Not an illager but a massive mob that is the pride of the illager army that is made in the Fiery Forge along with Redstone Golems.
  • Redstone Cube — Not an illager but a war machine that assists illagers in the mines and the Redstone monstrosity.
  • Squall Golem — Not an illager but an illager war machine that works with the wind, guardians of the Gale Sanctum.
  • Tempest Golem — Not an illager but a Boss variant of the Squall Golem, lives in the Gale Sanctum.
  • Corrupted Cauldron — Not an illager but a magical mob possibly created by witches to conjure up potions for the illagers.
  • Pink Slime — Not an illager but a magical mob created by the Corrupted Cauldron.
  • Vex — Not an illager but are summoned by the evoker as aids.
  • Mob Spawner — Not an illager but a mob factory that resides within the Redstone Mines and creates zombies and armored zombies.
  • Ravager — Not an illager but a huge and powerful beast that bears a resemblance to the illagers and resides atop the Howling Peaks. Also act as guards.
  • Mooshroom Monstrosity — Presumably the remains of a previous Redstone Monstrosity reactivated by mushroom spores.
  • Enchanted Mobs — Enchanted Mobs are enchanted by an enchanter or spawned with enchantments.

Illager Summons[edit]

  • Vex — Not an illager but summoned by the evoker as aids and distractions to the player.
  • Evoker Fang — Not an illager but summoned by the evoker to deal damage to the player.
  • Geomancer Wall — Not an illager but summoned by the geomancer to block player attacks.
  • Geomancer Bomb — Not an illager but summoned by the geomancer to take out crowds of mobs and players.
  • Redstone Cube — Not an illager but summoned by the Redstone Monstrosity as aids in defeating and distracting the player.

Other Illagers[edit]

  • Jailor — Guard of the prison in the Highblock Halls, wields the Jailor's Scythe (cannot be found in the game).
  • Mage — A planned illager spellcaster, that was replaced by the Iceologer (cannot be found in the game, was removed from files).
  • Warden — Protector of the Highblock Halls, wields the Truthseeker (cannot be found in the game).
  • Illager Warrior — Special Protector of the Arch-Illager, wields the Splendid Robe (cannot be found in the game).

Items related to the Illagers[edit]


  • Soul Healer — The Soul Healer amulet is cold to the touch and trembles with the power of souls. It is a common artifact among the Illagers of the Woodland Mansions.
  • Enchanter's Tome — Meant only to be wielded by Enchanters, this artifact can summon powerful enchantments.
  • Lightning Rod — Crafted by Illager Geomancers, this item is enchanted with the power of a storming sky.

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Axe — The axe is an effective weapon, favored by the relentless Vindicators of the Arch-Illager's army.
  • Firebrand — Crafted in the blackest depths of the Fiery Forge and enchanted with fiery powers.
  • Double Axe — A devastating weapon fit for barbaric fighters. (Gold Tier Armored Vindicator)
  • Whirlwind — Whirlwind, forged during an epic windstorm, is a double-bladed axe that levitates slightly. (Diamond Tier Illager Warrior)
  • Heartstealer — Gifted to one of the Arch-Illager's most distinguished generals upon their conquest of the Squid Coast - this runeblade is infused with dark witchcraft.
  • Jailor's Scythe — This scythe belonged to the terror of Highblock Keep, the Jailor.
  • Mace — The Mace is a brutal tool of war and what it lacks in finesse; it makes up for in power. (Royal Guard)
  • Maulers — These claw-like weapons, wielded by ancient Illager soldiers, are savage in battle.
  • Stormlander — The Stormlander, enchanted with the power of the raging storm, is a treasure of the Illagers.
  • Truthseeker — The warden of Highblock Keep kept this unpleasant blade by their side during interrogations.
  • Ladle — The ladle is a special skin of the Axe. Also the weapon only wielded by the Vindicator Chefs.
  • Mountaineer Pick — The Mountaineer Axe is a special skin of the Axe, and is a weapon only wielded by Mountaineers and Armored Mountaineers.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Crossbow — The crossbow is the ranged weapon of the Illagers and is a common sight among Pillager warriors.
  • Auto Crossbow — The Arch-Illager said the design for this powerful crossbow came to him in a vision.
  • Soul Crossbow — The Soul Crossbow was crafted by the mysterious Evokers and Enchanters of the Woodland Mansions.
  • The Slicer — The peak of mischievous Illager-engineering, the famous Slicer was designed to fire bolts that pierce through even the thickest of armor.
  • Soul Bow — The Soul Bow shimmers with all the beauty and fury of an attacking Vex.


  • Dark Armor — Dark Armor, made in the blackest depths of the Fiery Forge, is worn by the Illager royal guard.
  • Ember Robe — The Ember Robe was created by Illager Evokers to distinguish themselves from the common guard.
  • Battle Robe — The Battle Robe is worn by the distinguished Illager Evokers of the Arch-Illager's court.
  • Splendid Robe — The distinguished Splendid Robe is worn by the hardened Illager warriors who protect the Arch-Illager.