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This article is about the mob type in Minecraft Dungeons. For the original Minecraft antagonistic variant of the villager, see Illager.
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The term Illager refers to a type of hostile mob that makes up the majority of the Arch-Illager's followers and minions. They appear in nearly every mission except for the the Gold Room and Coral Rise. They appear in many locations.


The Illagers are members of a cruel society in which the strong rule over all. Until the Arch-Illager came along, they were never strong enough to pose a threat to the peace of the Overworld. Nowadays, Illagers are stronger, being capable of burning villages, destroying Iron Golems, and killing or enslaving Villagers. Illagers make up the Illager empire, under the rule of the Arch-Illager. The main storyline requires the hero to rescue the villagers, defeat the Illagers, and save the Overworld...



The mobs that are classified as Illagers are listed as follows:


Creeping Winter[]

Howling Peaks[]

Echoing Void[]

Unseen Illagers[]

Named Illagers[]


The artifacts that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:

Melee Weapons[]

The melee weapons that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:

Ranged Weapons[]

The ranged weapons that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:


The armor that is associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:


The enchantments that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:


The piglin genus variants that appear in the Flames of the Nether DLC are as follows:

Variant Location
The Rise of the Arch-Illager Squid Coast Creeper Woods Creepy Crypt Woodland Mansion Woodland Prison Soggy Swamp Soggy Cave Pumpkin Pastures Arch Haven Cacti Canyon Spider Cave Redstone Mines Fiery Forge Desert Temple Lower Temple Highblock Halls Underhalls Obsidian Pinnacle Frosted Fjord Lone Fortress Lost Settlement Windswept Peaks Gale Sanctum Gauntlet of Gales Colossal Rampart Gold Room Radiant Ravine End Wilds Broken Citadel
Arch-Illager (Boss)
Armored End Vindicator
Armored Mountaineer
Armored Pillager
Armored Vindicator
Beta Armored Mountaineer (Unused)
End Illager
End Vindicator
Evoker (mob) (Arcade)
First Enchanter (Ancient Enchanter)
Frostwarden (Ancient Geomancer)
Giant Royal Guard (mob) (Arcade)
Giant Royal Guard (Arcade boss)
Mage (Arcade)
Pillager Raid Captain
Rampart Captain
Royal Guard
Solemn Giant (Ancient Pillager)
Vigilant Scoundrel (Ancient Royal Guard)
Vindicator Chef
Vindicator Raid Captain
Wind Caller


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  • In the early Beta version, trailers and poster, illager used the texture of 1.14 Texture update, but later the head texture was changed except the illagers with decorative on its head or main character such as Arch-Illager, Royal Guards, Mage, and Iceologer.
    • Because only the head texture has been changed, the base color of Geomancer's limbs is different from the base color of its head.
    • In the later DLC, Mountaineer and its variant's faces kept using the new head texture. However in the cutscene of the Echoing Void, the End Illager's head uses the old texture.