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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC. 
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An iceologer, known in the game files as chillager, is an illager found in Minecraft Dungeons. It is one of the hostile mobs found in the Creeping Winter, the Howling Peaks, and Echoing Void DLC.



An iceologer is an illager with blue markings on its face. It wears a blue coat with white outlines around the hood and cloak and a cape in the back, and it wears light bluish pants with black shoes. Unlike normal illagers, an iceologer has red-brown eyes, while most illagers have green or blue eyes.


Iceologers flee from the target if they are not summoning an ice block.


An iceologer who spots a target summons ice chunks above them that hover for three to five seconds before falling.


If an ice chunk hits a hero or mob, that target is stunned for several seconds and slowed for another five seconds.

Ice chunk[]

Ice Chunk
Dungeons Ice.png


An ice chunk is a non-attackable mob summoned by icelogers. It stuns heroes and allies. It functions like geomancer wall, the geomancer bomb, and the abomination vine in that it is a non-attackable entity that is summoned by a hostile mob to harm the target. If an ice chunk hits a tall structure, it can break. Ice chunks do not break on level borders or on other ice chunks. An ice chunk can harm another enemy mob on which it lands.


An ice chunk appears as three ice blocks covered in snow, with horizontal and vertical slabs of ice attached to a center ice block. The center block itself is slightly taller and narrower than a regular block.


Ice chunks stay directly above the target until they drop.


Power Min Health Max Health
1 10 20
4 17 34
10 27 54
16 41 82
22 55 110
27 74 148
33 99 198
39 128 256
45 164 328
51 211 422
56 286 572
62 388 776
68 524 1048
74 673 1346
80 864 1728
86 1109 2218
91 1510 3020
97 2049 4098
103 2776 5552


IceCube hit
IceCube idle
IceCube summon
Attack (vocal)
Death (vocal)
Hurt (vocal)
Idle (vocal)



Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaAdded iceologers and ice chunks internally to the game files. Ice.pngAdded iceologers and ice chunks. can now appear in the Howling Peaks DLC. can now appear in seasonal trials for the Chills and Thrills event.

Data value[]

  • In the game files, the iceologer is referred to internally as the Chillager. The sound file of the iceologer is referred to internally as the IcePillager.


  • The iceologer was included in the Minecraft Live 2020 mob vote and came 2nd overall in the second round of voting, losing to the Glow Squid in the competition to be added to Minecraft 1.17.
  • There is an achivement by the name, "Iceologer's Revenge", earned when the hero uses an ice wand to kill a glow squid. It’s a reference to the iceologer losing to the glow squid in the mob vote.

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