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Highblock Halls
Highblock Halls.png

The Highblock Halls, also known as Highblock Castle, is the ninth location in Minecraft Dungeons. It grants access to the secret level Underhalls, which is possible to find at the end of the starting hallway below some stairs. It was originally known as the Highblock Keep. It is unlocked after the player beats Fiery Forge and Desert Temple.


The Highblock Halls is a large castle built by the Arch-Illager's army upon a lone mountain covered in storm clouds. Within its interior, many of the hallways are seen decorated with suits of armor, banners, various fancy furniture, and other adornments such as chandeliers and rugs. The castle also contains a library, a large courtyard area full of undead mobs and some market stalls, a dining room and kitchen where Vindicator Chefs cook meals, and a large throne room where the Arch-Illager resides with a large door leading directly to the roof of the castle. Illagers patrol the entire castle, and statues can be seen throughout the level. Shields are hung up on some walls, with swords sometimes crossing them. It is one of the few places where Royal Guards can naturally spawn.


CRASHING THE PARTY! – The Arch-Illager and his minions are gathering in the grand halls of Highblock Keep to celebrate their recent victories. If we strike while the Illagers are all in one place, we could turn the tide of this conflict.

You've made it to the abhorrent abode of the Arch-Illager, Highblock Castle. The halls are crawling with soldiers and sorcerers, so keep your blade at the ready and your wits about you. Find the grand throne, and confront the Arch-Illager.


The Highblock Castle is the abode of the Arch-Illager. This mission takes place in the main halls of the formidable Highblock Keep, acting as a final refuge for the Arch-Illager. The halls are full of statues of Arch-Illager riding dragons, fine furnishings, and decorative windows. There are symbols of the diminutive despot, the Arch-Illager's reign of terror hanging from the walls.

The keep is highly protected by the Illager's Royal Guard who are strong and loyal. The castle is full of all variants of Illager except Geomancers, Iceologers and Illusioners. They range from lowly Pillagers and Vindicators to the armored Royal Guards. There are also Wraiths that lie around in the hall causing inferno.

Highblock Keep is filled to the brim with plush rugs, luxurious chandeliers, and all manners of delicious food as the Illagers are having a party. This gives the heroes an opportunity to spoil the Illager's plans. Somewhere in the middle of the level, the heroes find a small open-air courtyard crawling with zombies, skeletons and spiders. The Key Golem is needed in order to unlock the gate that leads back into the halls. There is a well on one side of the courtyard which has a shortcut to the area but always spawns an Evoker miniboss that leads to where you have to destroy the buffet.

After entering the halls, there are Vindicator Chefs near the buffet tables. Destroying one of the several buffet tables prevents the Illagers from regaining their strength. Other than that, the heroes are also rewarded with a cascade of Emeralds each time they destroy one. Once the heroes arrive at the grand throne, the Arch-Illager appears, summoning waves of Illagers and Wraiths before fleeing.

After the player defeats all the waves, a hallway behind the grand throne appears and leads onward into the Obsidian Pinnacle, where the player continues to pursue the Arch-Illager.

The Arch-Illager escaped to the ramparts. Press on Hero, you mustn't let him get away!



Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Pig Yes Yes Yes
Key Golem Yes Yes Yes
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Armored Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Armored Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Vindicator Chef In kitchen[note 1] In kitchen[note 1] In kitchen[note 1]
Royal Guard Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter Yes Yes Yes
Wraith Yes Yes Yes
Vex Summoned[note 2] Summoned[note 2] Summoned[note 2]
Zombie Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3]
Armored Zombie Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3]
Skeleton Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3]
Armored Skeleton Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3]
Spider Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3] Outside[note 3]
Evoker Yes Yes Yes
Enderman No No Sometimes
Redstone Golem No Sometimes Sometimes
Skeleton Horseman No No Sometimes
Ancient Hunts Room
Viligant Scoundrel Requires Correct Runes Requires Correct Runes Requires Correct Runes
Barrage Requires Correct Runes Requires Correct Runes Requires Correct Runes
  1. a b c Spawn in kitchen only
  2. a b c Summoned by Evoker
  3. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o Only appear at outside and underground well


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Gear Drops
Rapier Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Mace Yes Yes Yes
Axe Yes Yes Yes
Power Bow Yes Yes Yes
Rapid Crossbow No Yes Yes
Scatter Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Guard's Armor No No Yes
Soul Robe Yes Yes Yes
Fireworks Arrow Yes Yes Yes
Light Feather Yes Yes Yes
Death Cap Mushroom Yes Yes Yes
Love Medallion No Yes Yes


  • The shortcut leading to the buffet tables is similar to the Slimy Sewers, a cut level where the player infiltrates the castle through its sewer system.
  • There are two Ancient Mobs whose arenas are based around Highblock Halls. The first is the Vigilant Scoundrel, an Ancient Royal Guard, whose arena is inside the Halls. The second is the Barrage, an Ancient Skeleton, whose arena is around the end of the courtyard.