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The High-flyer is a hero in Minecraft Dungeons, unlocked as part of the Cloudy Climb premium rewards track at the Adventure Hub.


The high-flyer has a fair complexion and long black hair. Their outfit is composed of a shiny gold mask with feather designs on the back, covering their face and robe with a brown belt and silvery buttons to hold it tight. Underneath their gold coat is a light blue shirt and pants. They have gold band and glove on their hands and has grey and black shoes.


Minecraft Dungeons
October 16, 2021More heroes are announced to be coming soon to the game, with ten brand new heroes.[1]
November 19, 2021The name of the gold mask hero was revealed to be the ornithologist.[2] the high-flyer.

Data values[]

  • In the game files, the High-Flyer is referred to internally as the Ornithologist.