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Hal is a hero in Minecraft Dungeons and one of the four main heroes of the game. His friends are Valorie, Hex and Adriene. He is the only male among the main four. He appears in all DLC banners except for the Flames of the Nether and the Hidden Depths banner.


Hal appears in the Minecraft Dungeons novel, The Rise of the Arch-Illager, nicknamed "Stache" (hence his facial hair) by Karl, since Karl forgets and doesn't care about his name, even though Hal constantly corrects him. Hal intervenes when Karl plans to attack the Arch-Illager. On the cover of the book, he can be seen wearing the Evocation Robe and holding a Lightning Rod.


Hal’s most notable physical trait is his brown mustache. He also has brown hair and a light skin tone in addition to green eyes. He wears a red tunic and a brown belt with a gold buckle as well as also wearing brown gloves and brown boots.


In the Official Dungeons Banner, he is seen wearing the Hero's Armor and wielding a Crossbow, in the Jungle Awakens, he is seen wearing the Shadow Walker in the Creeping Winter Banner, he is seen wearing Snow Armor and holding the Winter's Touch, in the Howling Peaks Banner, he is seen wearing Goat Gear and holding the Burst Gust Bow and in the Echoing Void Banner, he is seen wearing the Troubadour and holding the Call of the Void. He has also appeared on a set of etiquette guidelines on Mojang's bathroom doors alongside Steve and a zombie.[1]


Minecraft Dungeons
Sept 29, 2018Hal appears in the Minecraft Dungeons announcement trailer.
Dungeons BetaHal.pngAdded Hal.
November 12, 2021In a twitter post, flairs were showcased by Hal in the Cacti Canyon.[2]


  • In a Twitter video, Hal is seen taking out some enchanters in the pumpkin pastures.[3]
  • Hal has made multiple appearances outside of Minecraft Dungeons.
    • He has appeared in the artwork for the Minecraft Achievement Time for Stew.