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Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

Mojang Studios



Set in

Minecraft Dungeons


Del Rey Books


May 26, 2020

Media type

Hardcover, e-book




978-1-98-481871-3 (hardcover)[1]
978-1-98-481872-0 (e-book)[1]

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons: A Handbook for Heroes is an official guidebook for Minecraft Dungeons. It was written by Mojang Studios, and published by Del Rey Books on May 26, 2020.[1][2][3]

Product description[]

"With insider info and tips from the experts at Mojang, this is the definitive guide to Minecraft Dungeons.

It is a dark and dangerous time. Corrupted by the Orb of Dominance, the evil Arch-Illager has gathered a loyal following of Illagers. Together they have ravaged the land, enslaving the peaceful Villagers and forcing them to do their bidding.

The Villagers are in desperate need of a hero, and you are their only hope. Within the pages of this valuable book, you will find strategies for fighting malicious mobs, observations about the perils of each dungeon and advice about how to get your hands on rare and powerful items. You will also learn how to work as part of a team to vanquish the Arch-Illager once and for all.

The fate of us all lies in your hands, brave hero. The Arch-Illager's reign of terror ends now."[2]