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Gold Room
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A Gold Room is a sub-dungeon within Ancient Hunts that are accessed by entering Hunt Doors that do not direct to Ancient Mob arenas. Taking the appearance of Bastion Remnants, these areas always generate in a rectangular layout, with a gated retracted bridge, and act as a source of Gold.


Gold Rooms are small treasure-like rooms located within the Nether, which can be randomly entered during Ancient Hunts. They're usually located within a Bastion remnant and come in different sizes, such as small to large. The rooms mostly consist of one or a few bridges and hallways made of blackstone and a few gold blocks are seen scattered around them. In the center of the room are one or two chests where players can obtain Gold. On certain corners, ambushes may trigger which rewards heroes with chests upon victory.


The hero walks along a narrow hallway, away from the Hunt Door of entry, that descends to a corner containing with 2 to 3 regular or large Gold Chests and an acceding branch pathway leading to the upper corners. The upper corners may contain 1 intractable ambush beacon or lever structure per corner that, after activation and overcoming the multi-part ambush, lowers the gates of a connected room containing a varying number of Common Chests, Fancy Chests, Obsidian Chests, regular Gold Chests, and Large Gold Chests. A hidden Fancy Chest can occasionally be located at the upper branch of the top-left corner. The top-left corner connects to a staircase with a Supplies Chest and a intractable button that extends the gated bridge and lowers the bridge barrier gates, providing a shortcut back to the Hunt Door of entry. No more than 10 Gold Chests can appear in a Gold Room at a time.

The initial corridor provides little area to battle the mobs that lurk within them. Heroes can easily become overwhelmed if the mobs that reside are particularly formidable with enchantments. Gaps and pits are plentiful within Gold Rooms, careless rolling may lead heroes to fall off the traversable structure and take respawn damage.


Due to the nature of Ancient Hunts all mobs, excluding bosses, mini-bosses, Charged Creepers, Pink Slimes, Key Golems, Quick Growing Vines and Poison-Quill Vines spawn along the initial hallway. The mobs listed below are those spawned by activated ambush beacon or lever structures.


Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Armored Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Armored Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Blaze Yes Yes Yes
Fungus Thrower Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Archer Yes Yes Yes
Mini Bosses
Ghast Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes


Minecraft Dungeons Ancient Hunts & Gold Rooms. Gold room generation. Previously consisted of a single long narrow corridor, stretching in a south-eastern direction containing only Mobs and 2 to 3 Gold Chests.
Fixed Gold room bridge opens improperly for both host and clients.


  • Internally, the game refers to these rooms as Gold Dungeons with subtypes Gold_s, Gold_m, and Gold_l respectively referring to small, medium, and large generation styles.
  • The background "music" played is an assembly of ambient sounds.[more information needed]


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