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Gift Wrapper
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Gifts items to other players in your camp.

In-game description

The Gift Wrapper is a merchant that appears in Camp that allows players to gift weapons, armor and artifacts to other players in their camp.


The Gift Wrapper is a rather jolly-looking and colorful merchant, this is seen as the merchant is seen doing an idle happy jig in his stall. They are seen wearing a red suit with black stripes near its sleeves, underneath the suit is a red cloth, making their outfit reminiscent of a tuxedo. They also wear a brown apron, with a white patch sewn into it. They also wears olive pants and red shoes with black outlines. They lastly wears a present-shaped hat, with yellow wrapping and a red ribbon. Unlike normal Villagers, this merchant possesses orange eyes and a light auburn-colored monobrow.


The Gift Wrapper makes it possible to gift weapons, armor and artifacts to other players inside the player's camp.[1] To unlock the Gift Wrapper, the player must find and free them in a specific location inside of Soggy Swamp.

The Gift Wrapper costs 100 Emeralds, regardless of either player's power level. The received item has its power level re-rolled based on the recipients' recommended difficulty. During multiplayer, a player can only gift one item. They can use the Gift Wrappers function once they complete a mission. The gifts’ enchantments are also removed, while the offered enchantments will remain the same, and any spent enchantment points will be granted back to the original owner. The item will also be given a "Gifted" tag, and it cannot be re-gifted.



Ambience 1
Ambience 2
Ambience 3
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Ambience 7


Haggle (Player ask for trade)
"No" (Cancel the trade)
"Yes" (Accept the trade)


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