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The Gauntlet of Gales is a location in Minecraft Dungeons added to the game as a free mission with the release of the Echoing Void DLC. It can be unlocked after completing Creeper Woods, and is available on the Howling Peaks map and does not require purchasing the DLC.


A DAUNTING GAUNTLET – The puzzles and winding paths are aplenty in the Gauntlet of Gales. Enter the sanctum and complete the challenges to say that you’ve truly conquered the gauntlet!

In-game story


The Gauntlet of Gales waits for heroes who will enter the sanctum and complete the challenges within. Will you try to best the power of the wind, or will you find yourself blown away by the challenge?

Opening Cinematic


The Gauntlet of Gales is a large puzzle-filled area found within the Gale Sanctum. Within it are numerous puzzles that'll test the hero’s luck and wits, such as more winding and switching platforms and more wind-based platforms for the hero to cross. Numerous hostile mobs as well as powerful mobs are present in the puzzling labyrinth.


Gentle breeze

  1. Welcome to the gauntlet
  2. Pass the tests

Moderate bluster

  1. Pass the tests

Hurricane warning

  1. Pass the tests

Eye of the storm

  1. Finish the gauntlet
  2. Survive the final test
  3. Claim your prize



Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Wooly Cow Yes Yes Yes
Goat Yes Yes Yes
Llama Yes Yes Yes
Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter Yes Yes Yes
Frozen Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Iceologer Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1]
Mountaineer Yes Yes Yes
Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Royal Guard Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes
Squall Golem Yes[note 2] Yes[note 2] Yes[note 2]
Vex Summoned[note 3] Summoned[note 3] Summoned[note 3]
Wind Caller Yes Yes Yes
Witch Yes[note 4] Yes[note 4] Yes[note 4]
Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Evoker Sometimes[note 5] Sometimes[note 5] Sometimes[note 5]
Illusioner Yes[note 6] Yes[note 6] Yes[note 6]
Raid Captain Yes Yes Yes
Enderman Yes Yes Yes
  1. a b c Summons ice chunks
  2. a b c Activated by resonance crystals
  3. a b c Summoned by evokers
  4. a b c Throws witch poison
  5. a b c Summons evoker fangs
  6. a b c Summons illusioner clones


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Claymore Yes Yes Yes
Daggers No Yes Yes
Soul Bow No No Yes
Hunter's Armor Yes Yes Yes
Plate Armor No Yes Yes
Scale Mail Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter's Tome Yes Yes Yes
Scatter Mines Yes Yes Yes
Satchel of Elements No Yes Yes
Updraft Tome Yes Yes Yes
Apple Yes Yes Yes
Arrow Bundle Yes Yes Yes
Bread Yes Yes Yes
Pork Yes Yes Yes
Shadow Brew Yes Yes Yes
Strength Potion Yes Yes Yes
Swiftness Potion Yes Yes Yes
TNT Yes Yes Yes


  • Ravagers, Rampart Captains and the Tempest Golem are the only Howling Peaks mobs not included within this free mission.
  • Gauntlet of Gales uses the two unused soundtracks in the Howling Peaks soundtrack, Gale Sanctum and Scud.
  • The Gauntlet of Gales allows players to get artifacts from the Howling Peaks DLC without owning the it.
  • In the Minecraft Dungeons Diaries episode for the Echoing Void DLC, it was revealed that it was actually originally intended to be a small part of the Gale Sanctum, but the developers thought it would fit better as a secret level on its own.[1]