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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC. 

Frozen is a status effect in Minecraft Dungeons which reduces the victim's movement and attack speeds.


Frozen can be obtained from several different sources, most of which come from the Creeping Winter DLC and from the Freezing enchantment.

Cause Length Notes
Any mob enchanted with freezing 3 Seconds Applies effect to target
Freezing enchantment 3 Seconds Only affects mobs, tier depends how much the mob is slowed down by.
Frozen Zombie 3 Seconds Can be obtained from both the Frozen Zombie's melee and ranged snowball attacks.
Icy Creeper explosion 3 Seconds Applies effect to all in its radius.
Stray 3 Seconds Applies effect to entity shot by arrow.


When the player is under the effect of Frozen, they are slowed down in movement and attack speed by a random number.