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Not to be confused with MCD:Arctic Fox.
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A mischievous little pal who is ready to go on a big adventure.

In-game description

The fox is a pet mob that is obtainable within the Cloudy Climb seasonal adventure. It has a variant that was added previously within the Creeping Winter DLC. The fox also makes an appearance in the Arcade spin-off as a summonable mob. It was originally seen in the Cross Platform Play Trailer, long before it was officially added.


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The fox follows the hero. It cannot do anything except for a few actions, such as triggering pressure plates.

In the Arcade spin-off, the fox attacks mobs by biting them, as well as following the hero.


The fox can be obtained as a reward at the adventure hub during the Cloudy Climb.


Minecraft Dungeons
November 18, 2020The Fox is first seen beside a hero by a campfire.
August 18, 2021The Fox is seen beside a hero by a campfire again in the Twitter image.[1]
October 16, 2021The Fox is official revealed as an obtainable pet from Seasonal Adventures.
December 12, 2021A Twitter video was posted that teases the fox and the spotted pig.[2] the fox.

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  • A Twitter video was posted, revealing that the fox does not like theatrics from heroes.[3]