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Food are edible items that can heal the player over time when consumed. There are a total of 8 food items in the game, including those in DLCs. All provide Regeneration for a specified duration, with Sweet Berries also providing 5 seconds of Swiftness.

  • Apple (Restores 20% of your max hp over 3 seconds)
  • Bread (Restores 100% of your max hp over 30 seconds)
  • Pork (Restores 50% of your hp over 10 seconds)
  • Melon (Restores 75% of your max hp over 15 seconds)
  • Cooked Salmon (8 seconds)
  • Sweet Berries (8 seconds Regeneration) (5 seconds Swiftness)
  • Tropical Fish (2 seconds) (replenish 10% oxygen)
  • Chorus Fruit (1 second)
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