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For the craftable item used to locate strongholds in the base game, see Eye of Ender.
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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 
Eye of Ender
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Filter item default.png Consumable

Collect all the Eyes of Ender to restore the End Portal in the Stronghold.

In-game description

The eye of ender is a consumable that appears in the Echoing Void DLC that can be used to open end portal that resides on the mainland to traverse into the The End.


The eye of ender can be obtained by slaying an endersent eyesent and it must be picked up before leaving the session. 6 eyes of ender are required to unlock the end portal at the stronghold.


Just like their base game counterpart, they are used to activate end portals. Once activated, the player can access the other locations of the DLC in the “Other Dimensions” tab.


Minecraft Dungeons
July 14, 2021Eyes of ender are revealed, and shown to be obtainable from slaying endersent. the eye of ender.