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This article is about the miniboss in Minecraft Dungeons. For the spellcasting illager mob, see Evoker.
Evoker (Dungeons).pngEvoker Casting Spell (Dungeons).png


An evoker is an illager and a mini boss found in Minecraft Dungeons. When spawned, a music soundtrack plays.


The evoker's appearance in Minecraft Dungeons is similar to its default counterpart in the base game, however, the evoker in Minecraft Dungeons is slightly bigger than other illagers, about 3 blocks tall.


In the introduction, Walda the evoker is seen crowning the Arch-Illager as the ruler of the Illagers. As the Arch-Illager gets up from his throne, all the illagers except Walda bow, causing the Arch-Illager to hit Walda with the Orb of Dominance to force Walda to bow.


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

In the Novel[1] and Archie's Origin, two evokers were confirmed to have their real name:

  • Walda the Evoker — A female evoker, was the Leader of a Woodland Mansion and orphaned Archie. In the end she put the crown on Arch-Illager's head and bows to him.
  • Thord the Evoker — Archie's childhood and former bully. After "Smacker" completely obliterates raid party. Thord and Archie become the only survivor in raid. Thord decided that it was all Archie's fault for not helping even though he was told Archie to stay out of the fight. And he reports to the leader Walda. And cause Archie to be exiled. In the end Arch-Illager eventually defeated Thord, who attempted to betray him.

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Evoker (mob)[]

Evoker (mob)
Evoker (Dungeons).pngEvoker Casting Spell (Dungeons).png


The Evoker (mob) is a non-boss and mob variant of Evoker found exclusively in Arcade.



Evoker's strong attack spell animation (Summon fangs).

Evoker's basic attack spell animation (Summon Vex).

An evoker has two attacks. While not attacking, it attempts to stay a certain distance from the heroes by running.

Evoker Fangs
Evoker Fangs
Evoker Fangs (Dungeons).png


Hitbox size

Height: 0.8 blocks
Width: 0.5 blocks


Summoned by the Evoker

The evoker raises its hands, enveloped in a yellow aura, then lowers them, summoning a stream of fangs out of the ground to hurt approaching heroes by snapping shut. The evoker fangs are non-alive hostile mobs that appear either as a line of 7 fangs from the evoker towards the target, or as a circle of 12 fangs around the evoker. This is its most powerful attack.

Vex (Dungeons).png
Vex Attacking (Dungeons).png



Summoned by the Evoker

Natural equipment

A vex is a flying hostile mob found in Minecraft Dungeons. The evoker raises its hands, enveloped in a purple aura, summoning 3 vexes in a circle around it.


A vex's appearance in Dungeons is almost the same as its original appearance in the base game, with the only difference is it being more luminescent and glowing unlike its normal, default counterparts, as well as having darker colored cracks on its skin and shorter wings. Another key difference is that when attacking, the cracks now appear as a flaming orange rather than white.


Unlike the base game, the vex attacks like any normal enemy, unable to go through blocks. There is no limit to the number of vexes following the hero. Vexes are also the only other entity in the game that can roll, besides dead mobs and redstone cubes. They can only roll while attacking or idle.


Power Min Health
1 10
4 17
10 27
16 41
22 55
27 74
33 99
39 128
45 164
51 211
56 286
62 388
68 524
74 673
80 864
86 1109
91 1510
97 2049
103 2776

Ancient Hunts.png The Seeking Flame[]

The arena where the The Seeking Flame is summoned and battled at.

The Seeking Flame is the ancient variant of the vex encountered during Ancient Hunts with the minimum offering of . The ancient resides within a Desert Temple-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

3 Enchanted Evokers act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantments:

Upon defeating the The Seeking Flame, a gilded variant of the Axe, Soul Knife, Evocation Robe or any of their uniques will drop as a reward.


Power Min Health
1 240
4 408
10 648
16 984
22 1320
27 1776
33 2376
39 3072
45 3936
51 5064
56 6864
62 9312
68 12576
74 16152
80 20736
86 26616
91 36240
97 49176
103 66624



Evoker Death Scream
Cast Spell
Prepare Attack
Prepare Summon
Prepare Wololo


Fangs Appear
Fangs Fast
Fangs Disappear



Boss fight theme[]

Evoker Theme


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaEvoker (Dungeons).png Added Evoker


Evoker "novelty" animation.

An unknown animation of the evokers in game. The animation file can be found in game data file.[more information needed]


  • In the evoker's bossfight theme, there is a "wololoo" heard in it. This is the sound they make in the base game while turning a blue sheep red. The sound itself is a reference to another Microsoft franchise, Age of Empires, where the priest unit can turn enemy units into friendly units (changing the unit's color in the process) after making a "wololoo" sound.
  • When the evoker dies, it plays a new ghost screaming in the background with its death sounds. This screaming sound can also be heard in some levels such as the graveyard in the Creeper Woods.
  • When an enchanter enchants the evoker, its HP increases by only 25%.
  • It's possible to stun the evoker's fangs, which causes them to simply sit in place and not snap or move. This can be done with the Snowball enchantment.
  • The description of the evoker's [[MCD:Battle Robe|battle robe]'s states that evokers are the ones that made it. In the Redstone Mines and very rarely in the Colossal Rampart, the evoker can rarely drop its battle robe when killed.
  • The evoker raises its eyebrows when summoning fangs, and closes its eyes when summoning vexes.
  • The evoker's theme in the final ambush wave in Pumpkin Pastures is the Ambush music.
  • In the Arcade version it is a main boss instead.