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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 
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This friendly creature is a long, long way from home but it sure is a charming companion.

In-game description

The endermite is a decorative pet in Minecraft Dungeons obtained through the Echoing Void DLC. It is purely cosmetic and does not attack enemies.


The Endermite resembles its hostile counterpart with the exception that it's passive and possesses a blue eye instead of a red eye. It also emits blue particles instead of purple ones.


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Minecraft Dungeons
July 16, 2021The endermite is first mentioned in the FAQ article on the Minecraft help page in the bulleted list alongside the line “Two new skins.”[1]
July 23, 2021The endermite is seen in-game following the hero in the Dev Diaries for Echoing Void. the endermite. description from "Endermite." to "This friendly creature is a long, long way from home but it sure is a charming companion."


  • In the game files, the Endermite pet is known internally as the Friendermite.



  1. [1]| What are those Endermen up to? What’ve they found? Who are the Endersent? Some things must remain a mystery for now, but our FAQs have all the practical info you need about Echoing Void DLC, the free update, and the sparkly new Ultimate Edition: