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This article is about the miniboss found in Minecraft Dungeons. For the regular mob Enderman that appears in the End DLC, see MCD:Enderman (mob). For the neutral mob in minecraft, see Enderman.

The Enderman is a mini boss in Minecraft Dungeons that has the ability to teleport. When spawned, a music soundtrack is played.


The enderman spawns in Default difficulty as a mini-boss in the Soggy Swamp, Desert Temple, Dingy Jungle, Overgrown Temple and the Warped Forest. In Adventure difficulty, it would spawn sometimes in the Creeper Woods, Cacti Canyon, Redstone Mines, Obsidian Pinnacle and the Pumpkin Pastures. In Apocalypse, it can spawn sometimes in the Fiery Forge, Highblock Halls and the Nether Fortress. It can also appear in Ancient Hunts.


The Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons looks much the same as in the base game, with the only difference being its eyes, which glow white pupils instead of purple, and its eyes also being brighter than its base game counterpart.


Endermen teleport away after taking damage and can damage players heavily. They also can "hide" within teleportation and not appear right away. They can't teleport inside walls. They only attack if attacked first, if the player comes too close or if the player looks directly at them for too long. Their attack is a 3-hit combo consisting of two side swings and a downward attack using both its arms.


Power Min Health
1 240
4 408
10 648
16 984
22 1320
27 1776
33 2376
39 3072
45 3936
51 5064
56 6864
62 9312
68 12576
74 16152
80 20736
86 26616
91 36240
97 49176
103 66624



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Enderman Theme Pre
Enderman Theme Loop
Enderman Theme Post


Pre Attack Voice
Stare Short
Teleport Voice
Teleport Voice High
Spotted by Enderman
Enderman 2D


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaEnderman Dungeons.png Added the Enderman.


  • In Minecraft Dungeons, endermen can be hit with arrows, unlike in normal Minecraft. They are also immune to water damage and do not teleport away when inside it.
  • Unlike most mobs in Minecraft Dungeons, a defeated enderman does not drop its body. Instead, it raises its arms and opens its mouth to scream its death sound as it fades away.