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This weapon can be enchanted with Radiance twice.

Enchanting is a mechanic that augments weapons and armor, using Enchantment Points to activate the enchantment, locking-in the choice.

Weapons and Armor each have up to three enchantment slots, with up to three random enchantments choices per slot.
The number of available enchantment slots on collected equipment depends on the Difficulty and the Threat level the player is playing at. [needs testing] Unavailable enchantment slots or enchantment choices cannot be unlocked.

Enchantments behave independently when stacked. A weapon with two Chains III, each having a 30% chance to occur, does not give a 60% chance to occur, but instead a combined 51% chance, including a 9% chance that the effect occurs twice.

Type Tier Total
Common 1 2 3 6
Powerful 2 3 4 9
Gilded Common 2 3 4 9
Gilded Powerful 3 4 5 12

Built-in enchantments[edit]

When dealing with equipment possessing a built-in enchantment, that enchantment is unavailable as an option to apply onto that particular piece of equipment, even if the built-in enchant is normally stackable. For example, a Hawkbrand never has Critical Hit as an option, a Diamond Pickaxe never has Prospector as an option, a Firebolt Thrower never has Chain Reaction as an option, and so on.

Built-in enchantments are shown as the enchantment icon with an orange border on the equipment's properties list and can be visible in-game through the enchantment notify icon, enchantment effects ,and the Status effect icon relating to the enchantment appears on the Heads-Up Display upon the use of non-enchanted equipment.

Soul Enchantments[edit]

Enchantments that involve souls occur only on weapons and armor that provide soul gathering naturally, such as the Soul Knife, Soul Bow, or Soul Robe and their respective uniques, not on equipment that has an enchantment built-in that provides soul gathering - Soul Fists, Soul Hunter Crossbow and Verdant Robe being notable examples.

Soul gathering equipment can possess non-soul enchantments the same as regular equipment.

Anima Conduit, Enigma Resonator, and Soul Siphon are Soul enchantments that occur on both melee and ranged weapons. Soul Speed occurs for armor.

Gilded Gear[edit]

Gilded Gear in the inventory.
What Gilded Gear looks like on the ground when dropped.

Obtainable from defeating Ancient Mobs during Ancient Hunts or though bartering with the Piglin Merchant using Gold, Gilded gear are Weapons and Armors that possess an extra built-in enchantment at tier I, II, or III and costs more Enchantment Points to activate and upgrade the enchantments within the slots. These appear in the inventory with a gold background and a golden tag adjacent to the Rarity. [1] [2].
Gilded gear can be salvaged for Gold rather than the usual Emeralds with regular gear. Ancient Hunts do not allow gilded gear to be used as an offering.

Enchanted Mobs[edit]

Main articles: Enchanted Mobs and MCD:Ancient Mobs

Enchanted mobs are glowing, slightly larger mobs with 1 or more additional properties that make them more of a threat to players compared to standard mobs. Enchantments can be applied onto mobs from an Enchanter, the Arch-Illager or spawn with enchantments. Passive, such as Sheep, and neutral mobs can also appear with enchantments. Some of these enchantments, such as Heals Allies and Regeneration are exclusive to mobs and not available to players.

Melee Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Icon Name
Data ID
In-game description Tier Text Tier Obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Enchantment Point.png
I II III Players Mobs
Anima Conduit.png Each soul absorbed grants a small amount of health. health gained 2% 4% 6% None Common
Artifact Synergy (MCD Enchantment).png Whenever you use an artifact, your next attack deals bonus damage. Deals X extra damage 40% 60% 80% None Common
BusyBee.png Grants a chance for a bee to spawn after defeating a mob, with up to 3 bees joining the player's side. chance to summon. 20% 30% 40% Bee Stinger Common
Chains.png Has a 30% chance to chain a cluster of mobs together and keep them bound for a short time. seconds duration 1 2 3 Flail,Jailor's Scythe Common
Committed.png Deal increased damage against already wounded enemies. bonus damage 0-50% 0-75% 0-100% Daily trials only Truthseeker, Growing Staff, Resolute Tempest Knife Common
Critical Hit.png Gives a chance to inflict critical hits dealing triple damage. chance to trigger 10% 15% 20% Daily trials only Hawkbrand, Sinister Sword, Master's Katana Powerful
DynamoMelee.png Adds damage to the next attack after rolling. damage. +X +1.25X +1.5X Great Axeblade Common
Echo.png Some attacks can be followed up by another attack in quick succession. seconds cooldown 5 4 3 Daily trials only Whispering Spear Common
Enigma Resonator.png Gives a chance to deal triple damage based on the number of souls the player has chance 0-15% 0-20% 0-25% Moon Daggers, Soul Fists Common
Exploding.png Mobs explode after they are defeated. Deals X% of enemy health as damage 20% 40% 60% Cursed Axe, Battlestaff of Terror Powerful
Fire Aspect.png Sets mobs on fire for three seconds, dealing damage over time. damage per second X 1.25X 1.5X Firebrand Common
Freezing.png Slows mobs after hit for three seconds. reduced speed -20% -30% -40% Frozen Zombie, Stray, Icy Creeper, & Daily trials Fangs of Frost, Frost Scythe, Freezing Foil Common
Gravity.png This effect pulls mobs in range towards the weapon's impact point. seconds duration 1.0 1.5 2.0 Hammer of Gravity Powerful
IllagersBane.png Attacks deal extra damage to Illagers. increased damage +20% +30% +40% Bone Cudgel Common
Leeching.png Defeating a mob heals the player by a small portion of the mob's max health. of mob's max health 5% 7% 9% Heartstealer Common
Looting.png Increases the chance for mobs to drop consumables. increased chance +100% +200% +300% Fortune Spear Common
Pain Cycle (MCD Enchantment).png Attacking drains your life to grant one stack of Pain Cycle. At 5 stacks, your pain is channelled into your next attack. Max stacks does X damage Triple (3x) Quadruple (4x) Quintuple (5x) None Common
Poison Cloud.png Has a 30% chance to summon a poison cloud that deals damage to enemies in an area for three seconds. damage per second X 2X 3X Daily trials only Venom Glaive, Nightmare's Bite Common
Prospector.png Find more emeralds on fallen enemies. increased chance +100% +200% +300% Diamond Pickaxe, The Last Laugh Common
Radiance.png Has a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it. health healed X 1.5X 2X [verify] Sun's Grace Powerful
Rampaging.png After defeating a mob, there is a 10% chance to increase attack speed by +50% for a short time. seconds 5 10 15 Maulers, Dancer's Sword Common
Rushdown.png allows the player to get 100% increased speed temporarily after defeating a mob. seconds 1 2 3 Built-in only Tempest Knife, Chill Gale Knife, Resolute Tempest Knife Powerful
Sharpness.png Sharpens the player's weapon, causing it to deal more damage. damage +10% +21% +33% Diamond Sword, Broadsword, Frost Slayer Common
Shockwave.png The last attack in a combo launches a shockwave, damaging enemies. damage dealt by shockwave X 1.5X 2X Daily trials only Whirlwind Powerful
Smiting.png Increases damage against the Undead. increased damage +20% +30% +40% Dark Katana, Grave Bane Common
Soul Siphon.png When hiting an enemy, gain a 10% chance to grant extra souls. souls 3 6 9 Eternal Knife Common
Stunning.png Chance to temporarily stun enemies. chance 5% 10% 15% Highland Axe Common
T Swirling Icon.png The last attack in a combo performs a swirling attack, damaging nearby enemies. damage dealt by wind X 1.5X 2X Sheer Daggers Powerful
Thundering.png Has a 30% chance to summon a lightning strike that damages nearby enemies. damage dealt by lightning X 2X 3X Daily trials only Stormlander Common
Weakening.png The player's attacks decrease the attack damage of all nearby enemies for five seconds. reduction in damage 20% 30% 40% Daily trials only Nameless Blade Common

Ranged Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Icon Name
Data ID
In-game description Tier Text Tier Obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Enchantment Point.png
I II III Players Mobs
Accelerate.png Increases attack speed for each consecutive shot. Resets one second after the attack. increase per shot 8% 10% 12% Auto Crossbow, Mechanical Shortbow Common
Artifact Charge (MCD Enchantment).png Whenever you use an artifact, your next few attacks become charged. Attacks charged Next Next 2 Next 3 None Common
Anima Conduit.png Each soul absorbed grants a small amount of health. of max health gained per soul 2% 4% 6% None Common
Bonus Shot.png Firing a shot also fires a second shot at a nearby enemy. The second shot has reduced damage. damage per shot 10% 17% 24% Butterfly Crossbow, Twin Bow, Haunted Bow Common
BurstBowstring.png Shoots nearby mobs when the player rolls, costing one arrow per roll. Projectiles deal 40% of a charged shot's damage. target 1 2 3 None Common
Chain Reaction.png Has a chance to fire five arrows in all directions on impact. chance to trigger 10% 20% 30% Firebolt Thrower Powerful
Cooldown Shot (MCD Enchantment).png When you attack with a charged shot, artifact cooldowns are decreased. second cooldown reduction 0.5 1.0 1.5 None Common
DynamoRanged.png Adds damage to the next attack after rolling. damage +X +2X +3X Corrupted Crossbow, Ancient Bow Common
Enigma Resonator.png Gives a chance to deal triple damage based on the number of souls the player has. chance 0-15% 0-20% 0-25% Feral Soul Crossbow, Soul Hunter Crossbow Common
Fuse Shot.png Every few shots has a timed charge that explodes one second after impact, dealing 100% damage to nearby mobs. Every X shot fifth fourth third Red Snake Common
Gravity.png This effect pulls mobs in range towards the weapon's impact point. second duration 1.0 1.5 2.0 Voidcaller, Imploding Crossbow Powerful
Growing.png The fired shot grows in the air, dealing extra damage to distant targets. maximum damage 25% 50% 75% Bonebow, Baby Crossbows Common
Infinity.png Chance to immediately replenish an arrow after shooting. chance of arrow not being used 16% 32% 48% Hunter's Promise Common
Multishot.png Grants the chance to fire five arrows at once. chance to trigger 20% 30% 40% Bow of Lost Souls Common
Piercing.png Fired arrows sometimes gain the piercing effect, which allows them to fly through multiple mobs. Every X arrow 3rd 2nd Every arrow The Slicer, Pride of the Piglins Common
Poison Cloud.png Has a 30% chance to summon a poison cloud that deals damage to enemies in an area for three seconds. damage per second X 2X 3X The Green Menace Common
Power.png Power boosts arrow damage. damage +10% +21% +33% Master's Bow, Elite Power Bow Common
Punch.png Boosts arrow pushback. knockback 200% 300% 400% Doom Crossbow Common
Roll Charge.png The player's next shot is charged. Charged Shot for X Seconds 1 2 3 Burst Gale Bow, Weeping Vine Bow Common
Shock Web (MCD Enchantment).png Beams of lightning connect the last few charged arrows fired, which deal lightning damage to enemies who touch a beam. Up to X beams 1 2 3 Powerful
T RadianceRanged Icon.png Has a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it. health healed X 1.5X 2X Sabrewing Common
Rapid Fire.png Increases attack speed. attack speed +10% +15% +20% Azure Seeker, Purple Storm Common
Ricochet.png Small chance for arrows to ricochet off mobs. chance to trigger 20% 40% 60% Daily trials only[verify] Slayer Crossbow, Lightning Harp Crossbow, Echo of the Valley Common
Supercharge.png Charged shots deal more damage and have more pushback. increased damage +20% +30% +40% Guardian Bow Common
Tempo Theft.png Steals a small amount of a mob's movement speed and gives it to the player for four seconds. stolen speed 17% 33% 50% Nocturnal Bow, Shivering Bow Powerful
Unchanting.png Projectiles deal more damage to enchanted enemies. bonus damage +50% +75% +100% Spellbound Crossbows Common
Wild Rage.png Hitting an enemy has a chance to send it into a rage, making it hostile toward everyone. chance to trigger 20% 30% 40% The Pink Scoundrel, Love Spell Bow Common

Armor Enchantments[edit]

Icon Name
Data ID
In-game description Tier Text Tier Obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Enchantment Point.png
I II III Players Mobs
Acrobat.png Reduces the cooldown time between rolls. reduced cooldown 15% 30% 45% Black Wolf Armor, Living Vines Armor Common
BagOfSouls.png Increases the maximum number of souls that can be carried. extra souls 33% 67% 100% Verdant Robe Common
Beast Boss (MCD Enchantment).png Increases the amount of damage your pets deal. Pet damage 20% increase 30% increase 40% increase None Common
Beast Burst (MCD Enchantment).png Using a healing potion causes an explosion at your pets' locations, dealing damage to mobs around them. explosion damage X 2X 3X None Common
Beast Surge (MCD Enchantment).png Using your health potion boosts your pets' attack and movement speed for 10 seconds. Pets' attack and speed X +50% +100% +150% None
Burning.png Every 0.5 seconds damages all nearby enemies. damage X 2X 3X Ember Robe Common
Chilling.png Emits a blast every two seconds that reduces the movement and attack speed of nearby enemies for one second. reduced speed -20% -40% -60% Frost Armor Powerful
Cool Down.png Reduces the cool-down time between uses of artifacts. reduced cool-down -18% -29% -38% None Common
Cowardice.png Deal increased ranged and melee damage while at full HP. increased ranged and melee damage +20% +30% +40% None Common
Death Barter.png The first set of Emeralds collected are stored and then spent to save the player from death. Costs X Emeralds 150 100 50 Gilded Glory Powerful
Deflect.png Grants a small chance to deflect incoming projectiles. chance to trigger 25% 35% 45% None Common
Electrified.png Rolling zaps three nearby enemies with lightning bolts, dealing damage. Deals X damage X 2X 3X None Common
Emerald Shield.png Invulnerability on emerald collection Built-in only Opulent Armor Common
Environmental Protection.png Environmental damage resistance Built-in only Rugged Climbing Gear Common
Explorer.png Regain a small amount of health for every 100 blocks explored on the map. health regained 0.3% 0.7% 1.0% None Common
Final Shout.png When the player's health drops below 25%, all artifacts are used (ignoring cool-down periods). Up to every X second 12th 10th 8th None Powerful
FireFocus (MCD Enchantment).png The fire damage you deal is increased. increased fire damage +25% +50% +75% None Powerful
Fire Trail.png Rolling creates a trail of fire that deals damage to mobs for four seconds. fire damage per second X 2X 3X Ghost Kindler Common
Food Reserves.png Using a healing potion also creates a random food item. items crafted 1 2 3 None Common
Frenzied.png Player's attack speed is increased while at less than half health. melee and ranged attack speed +10% +20% +30% None Common
Gravity Pulse.png A blast occurs every five seconds that pulls nearby enemies nearer. range 100% 150% 200% None Powerful
Health Synergy.png Regain a small amount of health when activating any artifact. health regained 3% 4% 5% None Common
Life Boost.png Maximum health increases each time the player expends a life. extra health 11% 22% 33% None Common
LightningFocus (MCD Enchantment).png The lightning damage you deal is increased. increased lightning damage +25% +50% +75% None Powerful
Lucky ExplorerIcon.png Chance to spawn emeralds with every block explored. emerald spawned 1 3 5 Emerald Gear, Opulent Armor, Gilded Glory Common
Multi Roll.png Grants extra rolls. Grants X rolls 2 3 4 Goat Gear Powerful
PoisonFocus (MCD Enchantment).png The poison damage you deal is increased. increased poison damage +25% +50% +75% None Powerful
Potion Barrier.png Take -90% damage for a short duration when using a healing potion. seconds duration 5 7 9 Stalwart Armor Common
Protection.png Reduces damage taken. damage taken -6% -11% -15% None Powerful
Reckless (MCD Enchantment).png Your health is decreased by 60%, but your melee damage is increased. damage increase +40% +60% +80% None Common
Recycler.png Being hit by damage-inflicting projectiles occasionally crafts a small quiver of arrows. Every X projectile 30th 20th 10th None Common
Snowball (Dungeons).png Fires a snowball at a nearby enemy every few seconds, briefly stunning it. Triggers every X seconds 5 3 Every second Frost Bite Common
SoulFocus (MCD Enchantment).png Increases the amount of soul damage you deal. increased soul damage +10% +20% +30% None Powerful
Soul Speed.png Gathering a soul causes a gain of 1% stacking movement speed boost for a short time. seconds duration 2 3 4 None Common
Speed Synergy.png When activating any artifact, gain +20% movement speed for a short time. second duration 1 2 3 None Common
Surprise Gift.png Using a healing potion sometimes also creates a random consumable. chance to trigger 50% 100% 150% Golden Piglin Armor Common
Swiftfooted.png Rolling increases movement speed for three seconds. movement speed +30% +40% +50% Highland Armor Common
Thorns.png Taking damage deals damage back to the attacker. damage returned 100% 150% 200% None Common
TumbleBee.png Chance to summon a bee when rolling, with up to 3 bees joining the player's side. chance to summon 33% 67% 101% None Common

Unobtainable Enchantments[edit]

Main article: MCD:Unused features

Functioning enchantments scrapped or unavailable to players are listed below


Icon Name
Data ID
In-game description Tier Text Tier Obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Enchantment Point.png
I II III Players Mobs
Knockback.png Every once in a while, enemies get knocked back after a melee attack. chance to trigger 10% 20% 30% None Common
No Icon Cave Spider None Unknown


Icon Name
Data ID
In-game description Tier Text Tier Obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Enchantment Point.png
I II III Players Mobs
No Icon Arrows passing through allies gives them a small amount of damage boost. None Unknown


Icon Name
Data ID
In-game description Tier Text Tier Obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Enchantment Point.png
I II III Players Mobs
Altruistic.png Allies are healed when the player takes damage of damage becomes healing 25% 50% 75% None Powerful
Regeneration (Enchantment).png The player starts regenerating health after avoiding damage for 10 seconds. health per second 0.8% 1.0% 1.2% None Common
Barrier (Dungeons).png Damage resistance increases with the number of nearby enemies resisted damage per enemy +3% +6% +10% None; possibly some Jungle DLC Armor Powerful
Shielding.png Adds damage resistance to the player and nearby allies reduced damage -5% -10% -14% None Common


Player Enchants Item


Minecraft Dungeons
June 8, 2019
Enchantment mechanic shown in Gameplay Reveal Trailer and News article. Echo, Weakening, and Thundering shown.
Dungeons Beta Fixed Surprise Gift not dropping any items, Consumables spawned by Surprise Gift and Food Reserves not appearing for all players in online co-op, Radiance and Radiance Shot effects not visible to all players in online co-op. Exploding radius +50%, Fire Aspect damage +100%, Poison Cloud damage +50%, Thundering damage +25%, Radiance range reduced to 750 (matching Radiance shot), Radiance Shot trigger chance 20% -> 50%, Leeching healing 4/6/8% -> 5/7/9%, Shockwave damage 20 -> 35, speed +13%, Snowball stun duration 3s -> 2s, Health Synergy and Speed Synergy triggers on Lightning Rod and Corrupted Beacon when activated, Soul Speed max stack 100 -> 5, speed bonus 1% -> 5%, duration 2/3/4s -> 3/5/7s, Removed soul-amount multiplier for the speed bonus on collected soul (each visual soul equals one stack), Anima Conduit healing 1/2/3% -> 2/4/6% per visual soul, triggers on any kill source, removed soul-amount multiplier on soul collection.
Fixed Radiance heal amount to scale twice as much as it should (effective reduction at Apocalypse -50%), Shockwave missing notify icon, Burning description to state "damages nearby enemies" Acrobat, Bag of Souls, Burst Bowstring, Busy Bee, Dynamo Melee, Dynamo Ranged, Tumblebee.
Changed Light Feather to activate Roll Enchantments Deflecting trigger chance 20/40/60% -> 25/35/45%. Mob enchantments are now significantly scarier[more information needed]. Shockwave damage 35 -> 30, collides with walls, Swirling damage 45 -> 40, requires that a mob is hit with the attack to trigger.
Fixed Prospector and Looting triggering either once per mission, or not at all.[3].
December 7, 2020Minecraft Dungeons Twitter tweeted video revealing Multi-Roll (0:01), Lucky Explorer (0:15) and Illager's Bane (0:25). The Rushdown enchantment effect is shown at 0:12 with Tempest Knife, 0:32, 0:35, and 0:38 with Chill Gale Knife Illager's Bane, Death Barter, Lucky Explorer, Multi-Roll, Life Boost, Roll Charge, Rushdown.
Changed Prospector and Looting triggers no matter the damage source (includes kills from summons, artifacts, Bows, etc.).
Fixed Deflecting triggering Dynamo Ranged[4], Fuse Shot arrows not exploding. [5] Gilded Gear, Pain Cycle, Artifact Synergy, Cooldown Shot, Shock Web, Reckless, Beast Burst, Beast Boss, Beast Surge, Fire Focus, Lightning Focus, Poison Focus, Soul Focus
Changed Max Dynamo Melee and Dynamo Ranged charges X -> 20.
Added Colors to damage numbers: Lightning - Light blue, Fire - Orange, Poison - Green, and Soul - Purple.


  • It is possible to apply up to three of the same enchantment to an item if that enchantment appears multiple times on the same equipment.
  • Despite Bag of Souls involving souls, it is not exclusive to soul gathering armor.
  • There are several items in Minecraft Dungeons that have unobtainable enchantments.
    • The Vine Whip possesses an unobtainable natural enchantment, known as JunglePoisonMelee 11, that only poisons one targeted enemy instead of a group.
    • The Hunting Bow and its unique variants feature two natural enchantments, HuntingBowEnchantment 42 and HuntingBowTaggedEnchantment 70, that work in tandem to create a target over the head of any struck mob.
    • The Snow Bow and its unique, Winter's Touch, has the SlowBowEnchantment 57
  • The Unset 0 enchantment uses the icon for Radiance Ranged
  • All Focus enchantments are powerful
  • Pain Cycle and Reckless are the only enchantments that also have a negative effect.
  • All artifact-related enchantments aren't built into any equipment.

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